JVB Houston - Timeless Wisdom 2008-05 Newsletter

Published: 04.06.2008
Updated: 11.05.2009
Akshay Pragya
Vinay Pragya

Timeless Wisdom 2008-05 Newsletter


Highlights of this issue are:

  • Ahimsa Vichaar Manch:    By: Sulekh Jain  
  • Role of Religion and Spirituality in Stopping Smoking:   By: Alok Jain  
  • Samanijis Visit to Chicago:   By JVB News Desk
  • New JVB Center—Project Status:   By: Alok Jain  
  • The Role of Jainism in Evolving a New Paradigm of  Philosophy:   By: Samani Chaitanya Pragya

download:  JVB Houston Timeless Wisdom 2008 05.pdf

JVB Houston, Pramod Bengani
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