JVB Houston - Timeless Wisdom 2008-06 Newsletter

Posted: 04.07.2008
Updated on: 02.12.2008


Akshay Pragya

Vinay Pragya


Timeless Wisdom 2008-06 Newsletter


Highlights of this issue are:

Ahimsa Vichaar Manch: By: Sulekh Jain  
➨ Healthy Life Through Naturopathy: By: Shashank Jain  
➨ Kids Summer Camp: Learning With Fun: By: JVB News Desk
➨ New JVB Preksha Center Construction Contract Awarded: By: Alok Jain  
Preksha Meditation at the Rothko Chapel and MD Anderson: By: JVB News Desk


download:  JVB Houston Timeless Wisdom 2008 06.pdf

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