Prof. Bruhn's Octogenarian Birthday Celebration

Published: 25.05.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012


On 22nd May 2008 Professor Klaus Bruhn has entered his eighties. Born in Hamburg 1928, he lives a fruitful scholarly life, focussed on Indian Art History and Philology. His merits in this field are numerous. He inspired generations of students and scholars to focus their attention on India, be it on research of Indian Art History or Philology, especially Jain texts or Art. Their presence at the celebration, masterly hosted by his wife, was an appreciation of his academic merits and his guidance. His latest publication “The predicament of Women in Ancient India” covers a field missing quite long time scholarly attention.

The stream of visitors to his Berlin home on the day of his birthday was close to legion. Rarely so many scholars of Indian Studies, ancient or contemporary, were gathered at one location. The common interest in the Indian subcontinent was one of the reasons for the stimulating atmosphere during the celebration of his birthday. Not only scholars from Berlin, Munich, Muenster. Also two scholars from India were present. They had arrived from Bangalore and Shravanabelagola for bestowing the “Prakrit Jnanabharati International Award” on Prof. Bollée and Prof. Bruhn on 25th May 2008 in Berlin, but did arrive early enough for the latter's birthday.

Nearly all guests were familiar to each other, longed to meet again after years or were eager to meet and talk personally. The atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed, the event was crowned by real birthday weather, sunshine all day long!

Just a choice of photos:


Prof. Bruhn receiving birthday gift from Dr. habil. Martin Pfeiffer, a longtime friend of his.
Background r: Prof. Bansidar Bhatt, Münster.


Prof. Bruhn & Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Mevissen, longtime editors of "Berliner Indologische Studien"


Prof. Bruhn receiving birthday gift from Prof. Georg Pfeffer & Mrs. Pfeffer,
right: Prof. Joachim Oesterheld entering.


Prof. Bruhn talking to his birthday celebration guests Prof. Juergen Lueth, Mrs. Pfeffer, Dres. sc. Hartmut & Hiltrud Ruestau.
The paintig on the wall shows Prof. Bruhn's great-grandfather.


Prof. Bruhn & Prof. Mette who especially came from Munich for the birthday celebration of her longtime colleague and friend.  Background l.: Prof. Bhatt, Mrs. Bhatt; r.: Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Mevissen & Ulrich Knuth.


Prof. Nagarajaiah, Bangalore, & Prof. Bhatt, Muenster, Germany.


Prof. Joachim K. Bautze, Mrs. Bruhn, Mrs. Bautze, view into Prof. Bruhn's library.


Prof. Marianne Yaldiz (r) & Carla Geerdes


Talks on the terrace... Prof. Oesterheld, Prof. Joachim K. Bautze, Mrs. Lueth, Dres. sc. Hartmut & Hiltrud Ruestau, Prof. Pfeffer & Mrs. Pfeffer

More photos available: click on any here to enter full album.

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