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Posted: 01.07.2008


Tolerance Leads To Self Realization

Once upon a time, there lived a prince named Sharmanabhadra. He had no attraction towards worldly pleasures. Later on, he decided to lead the life of monk and was initiated by Acharya Dharmaghosha. He made a thorough study the Jain ‘Agamas’ and tried to inculcate the qualities of tolerance, strength, patience and will power. He then undertook ‘Ekal Vihar Pratima’ which involved wandering from place to place all alone to practice mediation.

Once on a cold night, while meditating in the forest, mosquitoes and other insects attacked his body causing him immense pain. But he thought, “This pain is temporary and is much less than the pain and suffering one has to suffer in hell.” He therefore, continued to meditate and while doing so he recalled that the body is different from the soul. One who wants salvation should put an end to attachment for the body and work only for the upliftment of the soul.

Thus the monk endured the pain with equanimity and so attained his goal.

If we have the will power to endure and fight courageously in adverse circumstances, we can achieve whatever we want in life.

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