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Posted: 30.08.2008
Updated on: 02.07.2015

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►Important Days [Terapanth]



Paryushan Pakkhi



Samvatsari Mahaparv



Kalugani Mahaprayan Diwas



Vikas Mahotsav



Yuvacharya Manonayan Diwas



206th Bhikshu Charmotsava

30.08.2008 ► Jaipur Paryushan Photo News: 50 uploaded

Receiving 50 photos on Paryushan start - we had to reorganise our webshots albums - now in a chronological order:

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29.08.2008 ►Jaipur Paryushan Photo News


Yuvacharya Mahashraman



31.08.2008 ►Jaipur Paryushan Photo News


30.08.2008 Actors playing the role of King Raam & Sita in serial "RAMAYAN" based on historical epic of Ramayana, came to get the blessing of Acharya Mahapragya.


31.08.2008 Audience listening to the discourse of Acharya Mahapragya on eve of 4th day of Paryushan as Speech Restrain Day.

01.09.2008 ►Jaipur Paryushan Photo News


Acharya Mahapraga and Digamber Acharya Gundharnandi ji with their monks in the morning Pravachan session


audience in daily discourse

02.09.2008 ►Jaipur Paryushan Photo News


Acharya Mahapragya explaining the importance of Mantra on sixth day, "Mantra Day"


People hearing the various use of mantra in daily discourse of Paryushan

03.09.2008 ►Special Message Of Acharyashree on the eve of Samvatsari

Forgiveness and Endurance

There is a deep relation between the human brain and the way a person thinks about anything. Since both of them vary from person to person, and also since there are emotions behind their mechanism, there is bound to be a conflict between one person and another one, mainly because of emotional impulse.

Those persons, who have developed their power of restraint, can remain calm and composed, and those who have weak restraining power however lead a life of tension.

The tension, in turn, creates plethora of problems. If one can purge himself of tension, he can save himself from becoming a prey to physical, mental and emotional problems.

The great Paryusana or Samvatsari Parva (Religious Festival) in itself comprises the technique of development of one's capability to endure. By exercising it, one can get rid of all the tension accumulated throughout the year.

"Seeking Forgiveness" (Kshma Yachana) the theme of Samvatsari, is as much important socially as is spiritually. Through the practice of begging forgiveness from others and giving forgiveness to others, one can lead a peaceful social and communal life.

03.09.2008 ►Jaipur Paryushan Photo News


Acharya Mahapragya addressing public on the seventh day of Paryushan Festival which was observed as "Meditation Day"


People practising the Preksha Meditation on the "Meditation Day"

4.09.2008 ► Paryushan Forgiveness Day

Asking and Offer Forgiveness

  • To those whom we may have caused harm, knowingly or unknowingly, through our thoughts, words and actions,
    we ask your forgiveness.
  • To those who may have caused us harm, knowingly or unknowingly, through their thoughts, words and actions,
    we offer our forgiveness.
  • For any harm we may have caused ourself, knowingly or unknowingly, through our thoughts, words, and actions,
    we offer our forgiveness.

04.09.2008 ►Jaipur Paryushan Photo News


Acharya Mahapragya addressing the gathering on the eve of Samvatsari Festival


People celebrating the Samvatsari festival with full spiritual spirit & joy

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