Samayik - A Wake-Up Call for Professionals

Posted: 26.09.2008
Updated on: 02.12.2010 asked Lord Mahavira, ‘What is Samayik? What is the meaning of Samayik?’

Lord Mahavira said, ‘Gautam! Realisation of the soul is the meaning of Samayik, to establish contact with the soul is Samayik.’

Samayik is a very common Jain practise with enduring worthiness for householders. Samayik literally means practise of tolerance & patience for the duration of 48 minutes (Antarmahurat). But I would like to define it as the capital investment of 48 minutes for self auditing. This very nominal investment of 3.33% of the day is good enough to elevate life to its highest dimension. It is the moment of pause for self-analysis in the course of daily life. It further more can be explained as investment at high returns with low risk. 

Samayik is for me a Wake-Up Call. Wake-up call is the alarm that arouses us from sleep. Samayik spreads the light of enlightenment unveiling the secrets of bundled energy.  It not only enriches spiritual life, but grooms the professional part also. It gives tender touch to professionalism and acts as lighthouse of sustainable development. Some of the values it adds to professional life are:

  • Makes alert about the own mysterious internal encroachers as anger, greed, ego, which invade our internal universe so silently that we are unable to trace out their attacks. To counterattack the unwanted visitors, the anti-encroacher software called Samayik is required to be uploaded in life. This anti-encroacher software of Samayik is highly significant for professionals. Public Relation Management is the key of success in profession. The better the PRM, the higher the growth graphs. For good PRM it is essential to have the qualities of assertiveness, calmness, politeness, patience, which can be developed through continuous practise of Samayik.

  • Paves the way to realisation of the Self. Samayik gives the golden opportunity to think & find out who we are, where we stand & where we have to go, ‘Success on the outside begins within.’ If we know our strengths and weaknesses, it is easier to choose the aim that leads to the ultimate goal of life. Realisation of the Self builds confidence to accept the good as well as the bad and develops the traits to tackle them smoothly. It helps in deciding the ultimate aim of life. Once the goal is crystal clear, ways can be walked around.

  • Cleans up internal turbulence. Samayik is a great vacuum cleaning system. In samayik pledge, we recite ’Paddikkamami, Ninddami Garihami Appanam Vosirami’. It means I beg sorry for all the past mistakes. Samayik aids us in scanning out the past mistakes, crushes various cyclones of thoughts, cool down the emotional thunder. It is very effective mechanism to wipe out the negativity and shape up the positive, pleasant and peaceful personality.

  • Educates to live in present. Living in present is the fundamental of time management. Samayik means to establish the soul in the present. That is, doing everything consciously without wandering in the past or getting mingles the present in planning the future. Every act performed in Samayik is to be done with full alertness & awareness. This trains the brain to be disciplined and concentrated.  Blunders many times happen due to loosing focus in the current action. A pilot while flying a plane needs to be in the present otherwise lives of many would come in danger.

  • Ignites the dormant energy volcanoes. Treasure of power lies within man. But due to ignorance and not knowing the process of activation, it is just like a dead body sleeping in grave. Samayik is the phase of pause to the external world‘s momentum by exploring zones of the powerful inner world. It removes envelopes of dust from the soul, unlocks the doors to the treasures and ignites the flame to the energy’s volcanoes. It educates an individual to master himself rather than to survive as a puppet of time, circumstances etc.

In the era of “Survival Of The Fittest”, where everybody is in breathless search for bigger and better without any LOC (line of control), loosing focus of what he is and for what he is running blindly, Samayik works as a alarming wake up call to pull back the person to his own from the blind race of world. It is the process of enlightenment that sparks out the hidden capabilities to the practitioner himself and to the external world.

An iron hand in velvet gloves is the conclusive phrase that I can use for the utility of Samayik for professionals.

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