Interview Nachiketa Muni Mridu Kumar, 10

Published: 10.10.2008
Updated: 29.11.2012


The youngest monk: 10 years old.

Muni Mridu took dikṣa together with his brother, Muni Anushasan. It was his parents who had inspired him to do so, as well as his older brother, who became Mumukshu (aspirer towards nirvāṇa) 4 years ago. Also he was inspired by Muni Tarachand, a monk from Udaipur who then visited Mumbai.

Muni Mridu also became Mumukshu, because he wants to reach mokṣa (= nirvāṇa), the meaning of which he explained to us: it means complete peace; there is no physical body, but only soul. Muni Mridu says he needs to bring his karma to zero-level. I asked him why he did not want to have a body. It is because a body can cause pain, but nobody can touch the soul by hand, so there is no pain.


He sees beggars along the roadside, which is a result of their bad karma, but “I have good karma, that is why I am a monk.” As another example he proposed: Mukesh Ambani, who is the richest man of India must have good karma; that is why he makes good name in industry.

“If I would not be a monk I would have to make a lot of karma doing worldly work. Now karma will be much lighter. For example, I do not have to use a car, which could be a cause of violence and killing.”


I asked Muni Mridu what was the most difficult aspect of being a monk. He promptly answered: “Kucch nahī” (nothing at all). But what does he do when he is given food he doesn’t like, is that not difficult? “I will not eat it and sacrifice for collecting good karma (unodarī). On the other hand when the food is good the children will not praise the food and say “this is so good.” He eats in a very tolerating way.

Muni Mridu is visited by his parents twice a year to do seva (spiritual service), but he does not think about his parents: they have given away their two sons. There are no other brothers and sisters in the family. He and his brother call each other by their religious names. On my question whether he loves his brother he says: “Everybody has religious love, no special love for a special person.”


His best friends are Muni Sudhansu Kumar, Muni Anushasan Kumar (his brother) and Muni Vishrut Kumar. Muni Vishrut because he is his spiritual teacher and corrects his mistakes so that he becomes a good monk; Anushasan Muni advises him so he is his best friend. He had friends in Mumbai also, but that is the past.

If he would not have become a monk he would have become an airplane pilot; but he says that he wants to free himself from bad karmas so he chose to become a monk.

Do you remember the first day after your dikṣa? Yes I remember. I was pampered and Yuvāchāryā Śrī [the deemed successor of Āchārya Mahāpragya] guided me personally.


Asked what he would want to say to children of his age around the world who read the website he said: “Have respect for your elders, be good children and good citizens.”

Jaipur, Anuvibha Kendra, 7 October 2008
We hope to interview Mridu’s brother Muni Anushasan in a few days.

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