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Posted: 18.10.2008
Updated on: 29.11.2012

17.10.2008 ►IOJ Ahimsa Award for Acharya Mahaprajna


Lord Puttnam Presented the Award to Mrs Sayer Choradia with Samnijis Watching. Photo by Jaysukh Mehta UK


Lord Puttnam Centre with Mr Virendra Sharma MP, Mr Barry Gardiner MP, Mr Ratilal P Chandaria & Nemubhai Chandaria. Photo by Jaysukh Mehta UK

Acharya Mahapragya Honoured With ‘ IOJ Ahimsa Award’
Jaipur, Oct 17, 2008

Acharya Mahapragya the founder of Ahimsa Yatra and the sponsor of Anuvrat Movement was honoured with “IOJ Ahimsa Award -2008” in recognition of his significant contribution to the cause of nonviolence. The award was presented to Acharya Mahapragya’s representative in London Samani Prasanna Pragya by Lord Puttama of Queensgate, President of UNICEF, U.K. at a special function -- ‘Ahimsa Day’ held on 15th October in House of Commons, London.

In the beginning Samanis Prasanna Pragya and Rohit Pragya recited the sacred text Navakar Mantra and some agamic verses relating to ahimsa in Prakrit and English.

Mr. Nemu Chanderia the Chairman of the Institute made an introductory speech and Mr. Jaisukh Mehta threw light on Acharya Mahapragya’s presonality and message. Present on this occasion were Mr. Shailesh Vora, MP-Chairman Conservative Friends of India, Mr Barry Gardiner MP- Chairman, Lobour Friends of India and Mr. Veerendra Shah of Libral Democratic Friends of India.

Mr. Manak Chordia read a special message sent by Acharya Mahapragya on this occasion. Defining the principles of nonviolence as propounded by Lord Mahavira Acharya Mahapragya said that too much emphasis had been laid on ahimsa as a result non-possession has been relegated. As a matter of fact both ahimsa and non-possession should go together. The main cause of the problem today is man’s tendency to possess material objects. There will be no peace if man’s attitude towards worldly possessions does not change and a desire to earn is not limited.

Mahendra Jain
Media co-ordinator

18.10.2008 ►Jaipur Chaturmas Photo News ►Diksha





18.10.2008 ►Jaipur Chaturmas Photo News ►Diksha Data



19.10.2008 ►Jaipur Chaturmas Photo News



20.10.2008 ►Jaipur Chaturmas Photo News


1.) Film Actress Deepshikha 2.) Gremsin Inga 3.) Natalia Krivirotova 4.) Lugov Jevgeni & Ratanlal Parikh presenting their views.


Preksha Song presented by Kuragan participants of Preksha International Camp


Gathering & participants of Preksha International Camp During Morning Discourse Session


21.10.2008 ►Jaipur Chaturmas Photo News


16th National Conference of National Anuvrat Teachers’s Parliament

Jaipur 21 October 2008.

16th National Conference of National Anuvrat Teacher’s Parliament will be started on October 22, 2008 at 9.30 AM at Anuvibha under the auspicious presence of Acharya Mahapragya and Yuvacharya Mahashraman. This conference will be of three days 22, 23 & 24 October. This information is given by the national Coordinator of Anuvrat Teacher’s Parliament Bhikamchand Nakhat. He also informed that this national conference held every year in which the members of Anuvrat Teacher’s Parliament, coordinators of Non Violence training programme, teachers associated with the Anuvrat Education Movement, Anuvrat Examination in charges are participating.


In this conference, discussion and strategies will be defined to increase the area of Anuvrat, Preksha Meditation, science of living and training of Nonviolence and to take these techniques to the general masses.

Mahima Bokariya

22.10.2008 ►Jaipur Chaturmas Photo News


23.10.2008 ► Jaipur Correspondent Shri Balwant Mehta Took His Last Breath Tuesday, 21 October, our beloved friend and Jaipur correspondent Shri Balwant Mehta was declared dead in Tagore Hospital Jaipur. On 14th October he had a cardiac arrest and since then was in Ventilator at Tagore Hospital.

The mourning ceremony takes place in Jaipur on 23rd October in presence of H.H. Acharya Shree.

We are very sad about the loss of a close friend and wish blissful journey to the departed soul.

Our deep felt condolence to his family. Shree Balwant Mehta was married with Shreemati Prem Mehta. Their two children already had rushed after their father’s heart arrest from the US to Jaipur and are giving full support to their mother now.

23.10.2008 ►Jaipur Chaturmas Photo News


Participants and general public during morning session of daily discourse


Yuvacharyashri addressing the 16th National Anuvrat Teacher's Parliament on 23.10.2008


24.10.2008 ►Jaipur Chaturmas Photo News


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