Posted: 16.12.2003
Updated on: 22.04.2012


Pranayam, Prāṇāyām, Prāṇāyāma

Pranayama is an element of the yoga system, that deals with the control of breath. In exercises involving oxygen the vital energy (pran, prana) is charged and therefore pranayam is useful.

The consciousness mixed with vital energy gets developed in direct proportion to the availability of fuel in the form of oxygen.

It has three continuous stages: inhaling - holding breath - exhaling, starting in intervals of counting to five, ten, and ten again, which may be extended due to advanced practice. In the period of holding the breath, diverse asanas can be performed. It is advisable to carry them out only after a medical check-up under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Constant practise results in balance between body and mind.

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