Right Attitude

Posted: 16.12.2008

In his address Muni Shri Prashant Kumarji on 14/12/2008 at Korba, Chhattisgarh said that for Success in any field, right attitude is required. In human body we got one of great power that is ability to think. We can think because brain of human beings is more developed. Thinking in right direction forms the basic of success. Attitude determines the psychology of a person, which gives indication whether the person will be successful in life or not. If a person has vision than he will emerge victorious even in adverse conditions. It is unanimously believed that positive thinking is important for success in any field. Negative thoughts are damaging not only for body but also for success in life. In jain religion there are 18 types of sins, which in fact, are negative thoughts. These sins malign not only the mind but soul also. Positive thinking is the key to success. People with positive thoughts always find meanings in meaningless things. Those who think that they are unsuccessful can never succeed in life. Confidence and attitude do affect our thoughts process. Self-confidence is most precious wealth of life.

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