JITO Global Summit at Ahmedabad on 9th, 10th & 11th January 2009.

Posted: 01.01.2009
Updated on: 20.08.2009

Restructured format of JITO Global Summit at Ahmedabad on 9th, 10th & 11th January,2009.

Global slow-down: Asan aftermath of the global financial crisis, the Indian economy is also experiencing a downturn. Industrial growth is faltering, inflation is of concern, the current account deficit is widening, foreign exchange reserves are depleting and rupee is depreciating. Most segments of the economy have been affected adversely by the economic slow-down and the fall out of it is in terms of impending unemployment.

Amidst the gloom brought by the crisis it is understandably hard to be optimistic. But the fact remains that, India is not so badly off. Hard as it might be to believe in the prevailing atmosphere, it is true. By conservative estimates our economy is expected to grow by about 6.5% which is the kind of growth rate many developed economies would give an arm and leg for. Sure it is a drop from the dizzying heights of 9% growth but we are not headed for the abysmal depths either.

JITO's role in this hour of crisis: Crisis when written in Chinese, is composed of two characters-one denoting danger and other representing opportunity. The entire universe works to help those who seize opportunities.
Being a premier organization who works to make a difference, JITO feels that it is time to demonstrate and react to the situation with well thought out and realistic planned responses.

Recessionary fears are as much as about perception as reality, which is why it is important for us to snap out of it, take stock of the challenges ahead, prepare for them and make most from the opportunities which lie ahead.

JITO Global Submmit-2009: The global summit could not have come at a more opportune time. When it was designed earlier, the times were different and now the economic realities have shifted unusually. Today it would be more appropriate to organize the summit around the core of the economic slowdown. The summit needs to be chalked out in such a way that at the end of the day every stakeholder in the summit goes back home with a genuine sense of being better equipped and sufficiently conscious about the ways and means to face & overcome the difficult times to survive & to flourish.

Redesigning the Summit: After prolonged deliberations we have come to a conclusion that in the present times JITO should

inform and apprise the Jain businessmen & community at large about the challenges that lie ahead. Though we had received a very encouraging response from all the segments of the summit, we are constrained to take a difficult but pragmatic decision. In the larger interest of our members and the business community we have redesigned the summit to highlight the International Conference & B2B Seminars and meantime postponed the Trade Fairand Jain Pavilion.

The global conference for businessmen and industrialists is a sincere endeavour on our part to create a space where 7000 delegates worldwide come together and share knowledge. Our expert sessions will have leaders from all segments of the society i.e politics, industry, finance, management and bureaucracy sharing their experiences, opining on the theme and enlightening the delegates.

The B2B seminar segment has been broadened to accommodate as many as 10 trade-industry wise sectors with eminent industry leaders addressing the delegates. By focusing on the B2B segment we would be able to respond to the ground realities and adopt a direct & effective approach. The redesigned summit will go a long way in sending the right message to the community at large.

JITO strongly believes that though knowledge holds the bottom of the world it is imagination, which paints the roof. The themes of the Conference and B2B Seminars have been selected keeping in view the current recessionary trends.

We aim to provide educative, interesting and imaginative inputs to each of our delegates.
Support & Co-operation: It is hoped that each of you will sincerely appreciate JITO's efforts to be a torch bearer of the Jain community in these challenging times. We would request all of you to make this event a great success and attend it in large numbers.

Yours sincerely,

(Utkarsh B. Shah)                     (Shantilal Kawar)
President - JITO                  Secretary General-JITO
Ahmedabad Chapter

(Hemant M. Shah)                    (Gajendra K. Patni)
President - JITO-APEX                   Chairman-JITO


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