11th Jaina Studies Workshop At SOAS - Jaina Scriptures And Philosophy - March 12-13, 2009 - Programme

Posted: 19.01.2009
Updated on: 20.08.2009

11th Jaina Studies Workshop At SOAS - Jaina Scriptures And Philosophy

March 12-13, 2009



Thursday 12.3.2009, 18.00-19.30, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square

    (followed by a reception)

Bansidhar Bhatt
(University of Münster)

Is Pārśva the Twenty-Third Jina a Legendary Figure?
A Critical Survey of Early Jaina Sources


Friday 13.3.2009, 9.00-18.30, SOAS, Russell Square, Brunei Gallery
Lecture Theatre


    9.0 Tea and Coffee

    9.15 Welcome

    9.30 Prem Suman Jain (Śravaṇabeḷagoḷa)
    One Rare Manuscript of the Prakrit Text Bhagavatī Ārādhanā

    10.00 Sin Fujinaga (Miyakonojo, Miyazaki)
    Śvetâmbara Āgamas in the Digambara Scriptures

    10.30 Jayendra Soni (University of Marburg)
    Aspects of Philosophy in the Ṣaṭkhaṇḍâgama

    11.00 Tea and Coffee

    11.30 Piotr Balcerowicz (University of Warsaw)
    Do Attempts to Formalise Syād-vāda Make Sense?

    12.00 Anne Clavel (University of Lyon)
    Sensuous Cognition - Pratyakṣa or Parokṣa? Jinabhadra's Reading of the

    12.30 Olle Qvarnström (University of Lund)
    Jaina Critique of Sāṃkhya Philosophy

    13.00 Lunch, Brunei Gallery Suite

    14.00 Nalini Balbir (University of Paris)
    Layman's Atonements: The Sâvayapacchitta and the Shrâddhajîtakalpa

    14.30 Paul Dundas (University of Edinburgh)
    Pokkhali's Visit to the Fasting Hall: The Ramifications of a Canonical Episode

    15.00 Kenji Watanabe (Tokyo)
    A Bee and Mendicant: Two Different Versions in the Extant Jaina Āgamas

    16.00 Tea and Coffee

    16.30 Johannes Bronkhorst (University of Lausanne)
    What Happened to Mahāvīra's Body?

    17.00 Herman Tieken (Leiden University)
    The Composition of the Uttarajjhāyā

    17.30 Peter Flügel (SOAS)
    Reflections on the Origins of the Jaina Doctrine of Karman

    18.00 Final Remarks
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