The Jaina Doctrine of Karma And The Science Of Genetics ► [2.1] Life In The Science Of Karma ► ▪ The Process Of Origin Of Various Kinds Of Men

Posted: 19.01.2009

Tīrthankara deva has described various kinds of men. For instance, some men are born in place of devotion, some others in place of non-devotion; some are born in inter-island (56 inter-island). Some are well bred (Ārya) other are low-bred (maleccha-anārya). All these creatures take birth according to their seeds and spaces. As a casual factor of this origin there arises on opportunity for man-woman copulation due to karmas of the previous birth. As a result of this mating the birth taking creature receives fat-like substance (the substance produced by the bodies of man and woman and secreted as a result of copulation) as food through their taijasa and kārma bodies. Then these creatures are born there as man, woman and eunuchs. When male sperm meets female egg inside the female womb both fertilize perfectly and soul takes birth in female womb and takes fat like substance as food first time.[60]

The soul situated in the womb, first of all take that fused substance made of male semen and female menstrual secretion, which is very dirty and ugly. After that whatever juicy substance the mother takes, the seed like creature receives part of it. Thus growing and maturing they take birth as men, women or neuters. Born as children these creatures are fed on mother's milk and ghee (clarified butter). Gradually growing they feed themselves on rice, whole grains, pulses and plant's products, etc. Apart from that, these creatures are fed on the things produced on by earth, water, fire, air and plants. Collecting food from these they convert it to suit their own nature of body. The bodies of these creatures born on different lands and climates and races like āryas, non-āryas are made up of different and innumerable atoms of various complexions, smells, tastes, touch and textures. This is uttered by Tīrthañkara deva.[61]

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