The Jaina Doctrine of Karma And The Science Of Genetics ► [2.1] Life In The Science Of Karma ► ▪ Process of Food Intake

Posted: 21.01.2009

Āhāvaraṁ puravakhātaṁ save pāṇā savve bhūtā savve jīva savve sattā naṇāvihajoṇiyā naṇāvihasaṁbhavā naṇavihavakkamā śarīrajoṇiyā śarīrasaṁbhava śarīravakkamā śarīrahārā kammovaggā kammanidāṇā kammagatiyī kammāthitiyā kammuṇā ceva vippariyīsuveṁti.

Tīrthañkara deva states many things about the food intake etc. of creature. All the creatures (five sense organed saṁjñī animals, man etc.) all the elements (the earth being, water being, fire being, air being) all the Hora (plants beings) and all the living beings (single sense organed, two sense organed, three sense organed, four sense organed, no-sentient five sense organed) are born into various genuses, live there and grow there. They are born of the body, live in the body, grow in the body, and take meal of the body. They follow their own karmas and karma is the basic factor behind their birth in a genus. Their movement and position too are determined by their karmas. And owing to differences in their karmas, they move from one genus to other and suffer from miseries.[63]

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