Insight - "Shemushi" ► [17] Solitude

Posted: 22.01.2009


I stand alone in life. I am independent of everyone. No one is dependent on me. This is a way; a person should practice meditation. Everything is temporary -

My soul alone is eternal. My soul has perceptive knowledge. All other knowledge are temporary manifestations. That which is manifest also becomes unmanifest

- this is the way of life.

Once in ancient times there was a join teacher. He had five hundred students. Together they would travel from place to place doing social work.

Once during the four months of rainy season, the join teacher and his disciples reached a town.In that particular year there was a sudden break out of epidemic. Many people fell prey to this fatal disease. The disease did not spare the teacher and nor did the disciples.

Four hundred and ninety nine students succumbed to the epidemic. Only one disciple was left with the teacher. Even the last disciple was on the threshold of death. Soon he breathed his last, the teacher was all-alone. He was contemplating on the thoughts of being alone.


It is righdy said -One is born alone; one has acquired sins according to ones deeds. No one can suffer for anyone. Each one is responsible to himself. These thoughts made the teacher a liberated soul. Hence do not sin on behalf of each other. Try doing the right thing.

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