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Posted: 25.01.2009

Fruition of the Karma

All living beings always reap the result of their actions. Every action results in a consequence. This is a principle of the theory of karma. This is the belief of all other religion. When man out of extreme attachment, hatred, greed, jealousy, acts to harm others, Nikachit karmas affect us in our birth and rebirth cycle. So it is believed that with extreme penance, Nikachit karmas can be erased also. To support this theory of karma a story from Bhagwan Mahvir's past birth is related.

Bhagwan Vardaman in his previous life was a mighty person. He established his own empire over three continents. Once Vasudev was enjoying a musical concert in his assembly. When his eyelids became heavy with sleep he instructed his bed attendant, "When I am asleep stop the program." After a few minutes Vasudev closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Everyone present was engaged in the listening music. The concert went on throughout the night. Suddenly Vasudev was awake. When he heard the music concert still going on, he turned red with anger. He shouted angrily at the attendant, "Why the music has not been stopped yet?" with folded hands the attendant submitted, "Everyone was lost in the waves of the melodious music. Pardon me sir! I too became lost." The negligence in following his instructions added fuel to the fire of Vasudev's anger. Directing all his anger in the negligent aide, he said, "Pour melted lad in his ears." The soul in the form of TriprishtaVasudev accumulated the bondage of tarnishing karmas due to its extremely cruel attitude. As a result of power, passion for cruelty attitude, Tripishtba Vasudev, after living his age was reborn in the seventh hell. It had to suffer the excruciating result in the form and life as Mahavir. The aide reincarnated as a farmer and hammered nails in Mahvir's ears when he did penance as a Shraman.


It is rightly said - when man's good actions are in his favor, nobody can harm him. On the other hand, when bad karmas are weighting heavily, nobody can save him.

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