Training in Nonviolence – Theory and Practice

Posted: 01.04.2009
Updated on: 30.07.2015


Training in Nonviolence - Theory and Practice

Recently an excellent little book - only 72 pages in Letter format - has been issued by Dr. S.L. Gandhi, carrying the title: Training in Nonviolence - Theory and Practice (a resource book for nonviolence trainers)[1]. Dr. Gandhi has, with love and dedication, made an appropriate selection of lectures given throughout the last decades by the famous Jain preceptor and monk Acharya Mahapragya.

The first part of the book talks about the theoretical side of nonviolence and covers subjects like “Nonviolence - an eternal religion,” “Development of nonviolence,” “Reverence for life,” “The secret of inner happiness,” and “Transformation of consciousness.” The last part (Chapters 11-17) gives an overview to be used for Training Courses in Nonviolence, by for teachers and practitioners. Chapter 16 sums up the whole training scheme in a very clear and concise way in the twelve steps, including techniques and reflections. Chapter 17 gives a concise and complete Course Module to form the basis for trainers at universities, high schools  and other educational institutions.

A few quotes:“What is most essential for building a good individual and a good society is transformation of consciousness - which is not possible without practical exercises and training.”

Reflections: “I will adopt a relative outlook towards the thinking and activities of other individuals and society.”

Techniques: “Breathe in blue color with each inhalation. … visualize that atoms of blue color are entering your body.” “Practice blue color meditation on the centre of purity in the middle of the throat”

Since its publication some two month ago it has been praised by many experts in this field the world over. To quote from a few commentaries:


It is absolutely one of the best looking, best reading and best edited books of this type I have ever seen and held in my hands. You have compiled and prepared a masterful work  … This to me it is a real treasure.”


As a Christian cleric with years of training and application of that training, never have I read such God-worthy writings on the elusive subject we would call peace.  This is near heroic in its strengths of cause, resolution and application.

- Delmer Robinson
The Anglican Church,


The Training in Nonviolence is starred by its variety and profundity of topics. It has helped me very much in getting through economic hard times and given me a  new perspective of economy in relation to violence, self-violence primarily and violence towards others. There is a economy of peace and this is what Acharya advocates - not poverty and hunger …
- Jeremy Seligson

Congratulation to Acharya Shri and to you for the excellently edited and published Training in Nonviolence - Theory and Practice. In a succinct way it introduces Jain thought and relates it to everyday life for nonviolent social change. It will compliment the training manuals available for Kingian nonviolence …

- Glenn D. Paige,
Chair, Governing Council
Center for Global Nonkilling, Honolulu

It was a great pleasure to read the book. Whoever will read this book will agree that nonviolence must be the daily practice of a person … Acharya Mahapragya has suggested practical ways of controlling violence to attain a state of nonviolence … because it is the source of peace and happiness.”

- Jagdish Gandhi
City Montessori School,

“[A] … brilliant compiliation of views and articles of Acharaya Mahapragya, admiitedly world’s greatest and most authoritative exponent and practitioner of nonviolence now.

- N. Radhakrishnan
Indian Council of Gandhian Studies,

It is for sale in India for Rs 150,-; abroad $10, -;  €  7,50 (excl. postage)



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