Science Of Living Is The Foundation For The Healthy Society - Sadhvi Anima Shree

Published: 16.04.2009
Updated: 29.11.2012


Sadhvi Anima shree ji giving food to the thought of Holistic life style

A Science of Living training workshop is organised in the joint coordination of Jain Shvetamber Terapanth Sabha, Surat & Jivan Vigyan Academy, Surat on 9.04.2009 at Terapanth Bhawan, Citylight. Guidence of Sadhvi Anima shree ji, Sadhvi Karnika shree ji, Dr. Sudhaprabha ji, Sadhvi Sulsa shree ji & Sadhvi Maitriprabha ji watered the thoughts of participant students & teachers for the blooming holistic healthy life for themselves as well as for the society.

Sadhvi Anima shree ji in her key address said that today area of education has very widen with continues emerging of new streams almost every day. Education has equipped the man with degrees, prestige, job, status, wealth, esteem and many more. But have we thought why so well qualified doctors, engineers, laureates commit suicides to get rid of their life? If the outcome of education is suicide, tension, chaos then what is the use of this. To fill the lacuna of education, Science of Living (SOL) is crafted. SOL balances the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual development of a person. If its practice is started from student life, it gives the shape to the overall development of a person in non-violent peaceful environment. In overall perspective, it can be said that SOL is the foundation for the healthy society.

Shri Rakesh Khater from Chennai gives the personality development training touching the crucial aspects of discipline, dedication, determination, tolerance & concentration. He explains the experiments for the same & presented them beautifully through slide show.

Nearly 1700 students from reputed schools of surat participated in this workshop along with 225 teachers.Welcome speech is given by Shri Kishanlal Madrecha & Shri Kantibhai Mehta. Thanks speech is given by Shri Arjun Meratwal. Anchoring is done by Anuvrat member Smt Alkaben Sankhala.


Students practising Preksha Meditation exercise

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