The Jaina Doctrine of Karma And The Science Of Genetics ► [4.1] Bondage Of Karma ► ▪ Kaṣāya and Yoga

Posted: 20.04.2009

Kaṣāya and Yoga

The soul in its pure state possesses a number of characteristic attributes which are obscured and distorted in the defiled state of bondage. This obstruction and distortion find expression in the imperfect existence of the soul. In the state of perfection, the soul has infiniteness of knowledge, intuition, and bliss as well as freedom from delusion, delimited longevity, embodied existence, difference of status and obstruction of energy. The karmic matter obscures or obstruct these characteristics of the soul and keeps it away from its supreme state of existence. The soul, under the influence of passions (kaṣāyas) and possessed of yoga (that is vibration of body, vocal organ and mind) attracts karmic matter (karma pudgala) which then is inseparably mixed up with the soul. The resultant state is bondage (bandha).[20]

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