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Posted: 23.04.2009
Updated on: 05.07.2015

Jain Vishwa Bharati Gyanshala, Orlando

Inspired by Gurudev H. H. Acharyashree Mahapragyaji and Yuvaacharyashree Mahashramanji Jain Vishawa Bharati, Orlando has been conducting students Gyanshala Program at its center since last several years. Gyanshala is scientific and progressive, and is designed to uplift the moral of Jain youths due to enough perturb elements prevailing in this world. For the very young ones this program is designed to create a mental toughness to live with ‘Maitribhava’ all through their life.

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/organisations/JVB/Orlando_USA/JVBO-2009-03.jpgAchrayashreeji has said “Malevolence and depravity are smothering the world. There is an abundance of means to perturb moral values. With pragmatism, consumption is also growing rapidly. Under these conditions, Gyanshala is a compelling function. Gyanshala is not just a concept - it is the science of living.” Mahashramanji has said “It is expected that we shelter children from immorality and depravity. Gyanshala is like a weapon that defends against evil as it shields morality and establishes the kingdom of virtuous ideals”.
Each level has its own text books covering the Jain fundamentals of existence and the karma science of Jainism. Further, they cover the rich history of Jainism and lives of Thirthankaras. To instill discipline in the youth several ceremonial aspects of Jainism are covered too. Gyanshala has been broadened by the inclusion of a 25 minute Yoga and a 35 minute Hindi language class for all levels.

Jain study classes of all Gyanshala levels are taught by Samnijis and knowledgeable teachers. A team of 15 people is inspired to conduct the function of Gyanshala under the auspicious guidance of Samanijis. This team includes 11 teachers, 1 coordinator and 3 co-coordinators. Jain Vishwa Bharati encourages parents and Jain youths to take these invaluable Gyanshala lessons to create a stronger foundation for a very peaceful, lovable, adorable and progressive life in this Bhav.


Tampa 15,March

Samani Param Pargyaji conducted adult swadhyay samani Sangh pragyaji conducted Gyanshala for the youth. In the adult samaniji helped everyone practice meditation and chanting of OM sound in the beginning and later taught on 25 Jain bols. She explained in details 4 gatis and 5 Jaatis. She then gave a lesson on 6 kayas. About 50 people participated in the Adult swadhyay which was conducted from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and several young children and youth participated in the Gyanshala. The swadhyay was followed by a lunch arranged by the Jain community of Tampa bay.

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