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Spectrum of Sarasvatī: Śrutadevī


Prof. Dr. Nagarajaiah Hampana


Nagarajaiah  HampanaSarasvatī, embodiment of knowledge, music and art, is entrenched in Indian psyche, irrespective of religious affiliation. Her images are enshrined in hundreds of temples. She figures in the Vedas, Upanishads, Mahābhārata and Indian literature.

Sarasvatī enjoys an unique place in Jaina tradition also where she is more popular as Srutadevatā, 'the canon goddess'. She is the concrete and deified form of the abstract Jinavānī, 'speech of (all the 24) Jinas'. She presides over the teachings of all the Jinas. Her worship is ancient, extensive and common to all sects.

The 'Spectrum of Sarasvatī: Śrutadevī' extensively deals with the genesis of Sarasvatī and Srutadevī. Prof. Hampana has discussed the depth and dimension of the cult with exhaustive and appropriate illustrations.

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