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Posted: 15.06.2009

His second directive was to disseminate Jain wisdom widely across the world. We are also getting success in this area because the Jain religious tradition has in it the potential to solve many problems today. Appointment of Samani Charitra Pragya as a visiting professor by Miami International University, USA has enhanced the cause of Jainism and ahimsa. The students’ response was very positive. They were very happy to know about Jainism and ahimsa.

She was sent for one semester but instead she stayed there for two semesters. Now, two more semesters are being organized and the demand is still on the increase. Many students have switched over to vegetarianism. It has aroused feelings of compassion in them. The samans and samanis (the first stage of monastic life) are doing good work. They are being instrumental in influencing the western lifestyle.

There is a woman in Germany whose awareness of ahimsa has become so deep that she doesn’t even tread on green grass. The Jains do not hesitate in sitting on green grass but she has so much reverence even for the jivas of the vegetation that she has taken a vow not to tread upon the green grass. She has also taken a vow that she would not travel by plane or train because they cause the mass destruction of the small jivas of the air. Wherever she goes, she goes on a bicycle. Thus she has begun to abstain from killing one-sensed living organisms. In brief, I can say that Gurudeva’s second directive to take Jainism to distant parts of the world is also being implemented though much remains to be done yet.

When I review one year’s work, I feel satisfied that we have made some progress. As regards popularizing ahimsa as a way of life our work is gaining momentum. Those who lived in different states far away from us came to us and expressed a desire to work in the field of nonviolence training. A few days ago, i.e. on the auspicious occasion of the death anniversary of Gurudeva Tulsi, Jain Vishva Bharati announced the establishment of five Ahimsa Samvaaya Kendras at (i) Thiruvannantpuram (Kerala), (ii) Madurai (Tamilnadu), (iii) Jaipur (Rajasthan), (iv) Rajsamand (Rajasthan) and (v) Delhi. The responsibility of running of these centers has been given to highly dedicated individuals.

When I review my work and introspect I feel that we are making progress. Though it can’t be said that we are moving fast or slowly, we are happy that we are moving ahead.

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