Philospher Of The Science Of Living - Acharya Sri Mahapragya

Posted: 01.07.2009
Updated on: 23.10.2010

Acharya Mahaprajna


life is a blend of radiance and asceticism. His facial expression is enlightened with spiritual knowledge. In his heart flows, a stream of peace and kindness due to his high-ranking asceticism. His inner conscious is like a vast sea of eternal peace and bliss. All belongs to him, as none is a stranger to him. He has immense ability to compare all living beings with himself. Thus from this epitome of fraternal feeling flows a breeze of sandal which is uniquely soothing. It really is astonishing as to how he has inculcated the principle of Maitri mein savva bhuvesu and Aaytule payasu.

Power of knowledge, faith, fame and validation are all extra ordinary attributes of his charismatic personality. His intelligence right from a very young age of ten took him to the mountains of acquisitions and what ever he initiated then is still continuing uninterrupted in spite of  attaining the highest  peak of wisdom. To touch the highest point of development is another quality of his exemplary personality. It in fact is his natural attribute to be always aware and always moving ahead in life. At this age when life is converting from extensive journey towards rest, he from that state initiates afresh, without a jitter, his long and tiring journey for the well-being of humanity. He from his thoughts of salvation has derived new ideas and plans for the betterment of society, culture and the entire world at large.


Problems manifold solution only one:

Acharya Mahapragya has the vision to provide solution to all problems that are disturbing the day-to-day life of people. With the advent of science and high technological development, the people in our society are encountering various problems. The strong wind of materialism has given birth to an economy where figures of development have touched the sky but the masses remain helpless. Millionaires are becoming billionaires, but poverty, hunger, and exploitation has increased in proportion. The culture of television, internet (e commerce) has made all spheres of life very competitive. No one wants to lag behind in the race each one wants to be the best in his own field. This desire of always being number one has given birth to serious perils like tension and depression. There is no mental peace to the one who has no comforts and material happiness in life and on the other hand, who has all luxuries of life is not at peace for he is also desperate to protect and multiply the same. In this situation, Acharya Mahapragya said there are two facets to this problem. (a) Equality in management (b) Control over anger and emotions. If the change in method, management and settlement, changes the thought process of man only then it is possible to give shape to the dream of a healthy and problem free society.


New society versus new human beings:  

We are all surrounded and engulfed in the high tide of hurdles and problems pertaining to our past, our family, our economy, our trade  our nation and governance. Apparently, social and health related issues are the focus of these problems. Thus in this vast ocean of problems each one of us desires to have a righteous solution to  problems, but when these means of solution itself becomes the root cause of problems, the way ahead is not visible then. Appeal for a problem free society has no doubt been made but it subsided in proportion to the intensity it was raised with. Hence, where from shall we find the solution? Acharya Mahapragya rich in his eternal thoughts says ‘Aggam Cha Mullah Viginch Dhire’ in other words don’t look at the problem only also try to look for a solution to it. The dream of a new and better society is very sweet but the question is who will give shape to this dream? Is it possible for the grey heads? It is impossible to run a new car with old wheels. Thus to produce a new and better society new human with new thoughts is inevitable.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said ‘Impossible is the word found in dictionary of fools’. This positive attitude gave him the courage to trek on the terrains of Mount Alps. Acharya Mahapragya gave utmost importance to positive attitude on his road to success and development. He said negative attitude is the biggest enemy of success and the root cause of all problems. When we are aware of the fact that our soul is filled with unbounded energy than how does the question of being negative on any issue arise. Positive attitude makes the most difficult task as easy as a nursery rhyme. Foresightedness is an ideal example of this magical positive attitude.


Foundation of a healthy society: Moral Values

To make religion more beneficial for the society development of moral values is required. Pillars of religion- Clerics who give prime importance to fellowship etc. in turn give the same attention to moral values the society will drastically change for the better. In spite of having innumerable religions, religious places and religious clerics, immoral values, unrealistic approach and bribery are at its peak. We all think of achieving Moksha vide religion. It is good but the goal of Moksha is very high. The result of religion should be that human beings must be honest and moral. Immorality is like a boat with plenty of vents that is bound to submerge. In ancient time as well as in contemporary high moral values and realistic approach are the basic constituents of a healthy and strong society.

In this way, Acharya Sri Mahapragya in the 21st century has been successful in describing the philosophy of life. Cast, creed, colour, sect and religion have never been his area of focus to present this world a new direction. In the list of eminent sages, Acharya Sri Mahapragya’s name is enshrined with golden words for being a preacher and experimentalist for the well-being of humanity.

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