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Published: 03.08.2009
Updated: 02.07.2015

University of Madras
Department of Jainlogy

Under the auspices of Bhagavan Mahavir’s 2600th Birth Anniversary Endowment
Created by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Government of India, New Delhi


National Seminar

Non-violence, (13-02-2009)

Compassion and Instrumentality (14-02-2009)

A Jaina Perspective

Introduction and Objectives

In these days of turbulence and violence why not we try to understand the deeper meanings of the Jain Philosophy in respect of non-violence, compassion and instrumentality and thereby contribute to the sustenance of our society? This, in a way or in brief, is the question to be taken up for discussion at this Seminar.

Jainism’s concept of non-violence (ahimsa) is the fundamental value which is applicable to all humans and other living beings and even to immobile things. Compassion expressed by one to the other must be in such a way that the only an instrument (nimita) and not a master or material cause (updan). So there must be concern for other life and beings but it should not lead us to assume the role of a master and thereby disturb the individuality of the other entity especially when the opposite entity is capable of resisting or protesting. The whole approach is a unique one and deserves  a careful consideration. A better understanding of what it should mean to us, what we must do and what we must avoid can enlighten us for better personal and social life.


The Department of Jainology, University of Madras, is the chief organizer. Bhagavan Mahavir’s 2600th Birth Anniversary Endowment Fund created by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Government of India, New Delhi, provides the funds to meet a substantial part of the expenditure.


Inaugural Session
Senate Hall (F-50) Friday 13th February, 2009

10. 00 AM 



Dr.D. Amarchand, Hony. Head of the Dept. of Jainology I/c.

Presidential Address: 

Dr. Jayanthilal Jain, General Manager, Indian Bank


Thiru Harish L. Metha, Member, Syndicate

Inaugural address: 

Prof.Dr. S. Ramachandran, (Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras)

Vote of Thanks: 

Dr. Priyadarshana Jain, Dept. of Jainology

11.00 AM 

National Anthem



Day I
Senate Hall (F-50) Friday 13th February, 2009

Technical Session 1             11.15 AM
Chairperson: Er. Gautham Vaid,
Secretary, Guru Shri Shanthivijai Jain College for Women

11.15 Hrs. Key-note address by Dr. Jayanthilal Jain, Ph.D. (Economics-U.S.A.),
Ph.D. (Jainology-Madras University).

Technical Session 2             12.00 Hrs.
Chairperson: Dr.Shugan Chand Jain, ISSJS, New Delhi

Papers on:
Understanding Non-violence: its dimensions and Practices

I.1        Sri Dulichand Jain (Karuna International, Chennai)
I.2        Dr.Geeta Mehta, (K.J.Somaiya Institute, Mumbai)
I.3        Dr. Shuganchand Jain, ISSJS, New Delh
I.4        Dr. Renuka Porwal (K.J. Somaiya Institute, Mumbai)
I.5        Mr.T.K.Parthasarathy (Dept. of Philosophy, University Of Madras)

(13.00 Hrs. Lunch break, 14.00 Papers and discussion)

I.6        Dr. S. Panneerselvam (Dept. of Philosophy, University of Madras)
I.7        Dr. Vijaya K. Gosavi (Mumbai)
I.8        Mr. G. Srinivasan (Department of Philosophy, University of Madras)
I.9        Mrs. Ekata Anand Surana, (Chennai)
I.10      Mr. R. Premkumar (Department of Philosophy, University of Madras)
I.11      Sramani Srinidhi (Dept. of Jainology, University of Madras)
I.12      Ms. M. Vanitha
I.13      Ms.Deepika Davey (Free lance writer, Chennai)
I.14      Mr. Atul kumar Jain,(Advocate, Chennai)
I.15      Ms.Sikitha P.
I.16      Dr.Vincent Sekhar S.J. (Madurai)
I.17            (Anonymous)

 (15.30 Summing up by the Chairperson, 15.45 Vote of Thanks Dr. M. Nirmala)

Day II
Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shashun Jain College for Women
Saturday 14.02.2009

Technical Session 3                 10.00 AM
Chairperson Dr. Geeta Mehta, Director, K.J.Somaiya Centre for Studies in Jainism, Mumbai

Papers and discussion on
Compassion and Instrumentality: Meaning, Purpose and Practices

II.1       Dr. Geetha Jaykumar (Meenakshi College for Women, Chennai)
II.2       Dr. R. Rajalakshmi (Dept. of Jainology, University of Madras.)
II.3       Dr. Priyadarshana Jain (Department of Jainology, University of Madras)
II.4       Dr. Rudi Jansma (Netherlands –Theosophical Study Center, Jaipur)
II.5       Dr. V. Namasivayam (Annamalainagar)
II.6       Dr. Mohammed Galib Hussain (Islamiah College, Vaniyambadi)
II.7       Ms. M.S. Sasilekha Sunil (SSS Jain College, Chennai)
II.8       Ms. Dharini Botaddra (ABN Amro Bank, Chennai)

(12.15 Hrs. Summing up by the chairperson)

Technical Session                12.30 Hrs.
Chairperson: Shri Abhaya Kumar, Secretary, SSS Jain College for Women
(Valediction Vote of thanks: Dr. D. Amarchand)
(13. 30 Hrs. Lunch)

With Compliments from:

Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Sashun Jain College for Women, Chennai 17.
Shri Jaymal Jain Parshva Padmodaya Mumumukshu International Research Institute, Chennai 7
Research Foundation for Jainology, Chennai 79.

Editor: Rudi Jansma
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