Upasak Training Camp And Gyanshala Trainers Training Camp At Mahasabha Bhawan, Kolkata

Posted: 14.08.2009
Updated on: 30.07.2015
gyanshala trainers in class of Sri Nirmal Nowlakha

A two day, ‘Upasak training Camp’ was organised by Shree Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Sabha under aegis of Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Mahasabha on 27 & 28 June 2009 at Mahasabha Bhavan, Kolkata under pious presence of Sadhvi Kanak Shri, a Learned Disciple of H. H. Acharya Mahapragya. The workshop began on the “Upasak Day” with singing of “Upasak Poem” (written by Yuvacharya Mahashraman) by Upashak ladies.

Addressing the gathering of 45 Upashaks who joined the camp with untiring inspiration of Sadhvi Sadhvi Kanak Shri ji said - Upasak can, largely, compliment the work of saints and nuns. Upasak are sadhaks, so they can touch the soul of the people through their teachings. It is essential for the Upasak to have depth of knowledge and effectiveness of behaviour. To achieve the same, they should be regular in svadhyaya, experiment the habit of detachment from the world, sadhana of continence.’ In continuance of her speech she further enlightened - ‘One who watches one’s soul closely, he only can be a true Upashak. Kolkata’s lay followers are large in number and are also learned. They should encourage their capabilities, rather than ignoring the same. In the “Upashak Development year”, at least 90 Upashaks should qualify. Upashak’s life style should be far better so as to have distinct identity than ordinary lay followers’.

Sadhvi Madhulata ji also encouraged the participants to move towards spiritual life. In the inaugural session, she threw light on the life style of Upashak and helped them in the correct of the verses to be recited.

Upasak Sri Mahaveer Pratap Dugar gave information about eligibility, work and criterion of the Upasak class in detail. Upashak trainer and national convener, Shri Nirmal Nolakha enlightened the participants in gradual classes by in depth training. Beginning from the role of Upashak’s life, Arhat Vandana, Panchpad Vandana, Parmeshthi Vandana, Pachhis (25) Bol, Pratikraman, he offered many detailed informations. After the preliminary test on 28th June, the classes looked differently. Karmic Theory, Anekant philosophy and the philosophy of Terapanth was discussed in an interesting and debatable manner.

Sri Binod Kumar Choraria, General Secretary of Mahasabha, asked the lay followers to join the Upashak class in large number. Upashak Shri Khinv Karan Baid and Smt. Sarla Surana shared their experience of the Camp. Shri Karan Singh Nahata, President of Kolkata Sabha offered vote of thanks and best wishes for the participants. The programme was compered by Upashak and HereNow4U correspondent Sri Sushil Bafana.

Followed by the Upashak training Camp, another 3 days training camp of Gyanshala trainers was held on 29 to 30 June and 1st July 2009, at the same venue under pious presence of Sadhvi Kanakshri ji, in the inaugural session addressing the participants, said children are raw by nature, as such the kind of virtues we inject them, guides their life. Children are the mirror of the society and the Nation. By looking at the lifestyle and behaviour of the child, one can ascertain the quality of the cultural values in the society. Children form the base for a healthy society.Our Gyanshala trainer women are putting their untiring effort to inject virtues and moral values in the future generation. with the inspiration of all Sadhvi’s a good number of Upashak & Gyanshala trainers have been encouraged. Sadhvi Madhulata ji said - when an assignment is done in planned and methodical manner with meticulous effort, success knows no bounds. In Kolkata there should be a successful effort towards Gyanshalas and effective results must also be produced.

Upashak faculty Shri Nirmal Nowalkha expressed his sense of gratitude for the effort of Sadhvi Sri and the number of Gyanshala trainers attending the Camp. In all 34 women appearing in Vigya, Visharad and Snatak grades of examination got extensive training, Sri Nowaalka gave detailed lectures on Jain Philosophy, rebirth, Anekant, Doctrine of relativity, theory of one God in Jainism and Atma-kartritwavad, Doctrine of Soul, Doctrine of karmas in very effective manner with question/answer sessions at the end of every class.

Sri Binod Kumar Choraria (General Secretary - Mahasabha), Sri Karan Singh Nahata (President - Kolkata Sabha), Sri Mahaveer Pratap Dugar (Regional Coordinator - Kolkata Gyanshalas) also expressed their views on the occasion. The camp concluded on 1st July, 2009 with chanting of Mangal Path by Sadhvi Kanak Sri ji.


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