PRATIKRAMANA Video ( Part 1) by JVB London

Posted: 16.08.2009
Updated on: 13.04.2015
Part 1

Jain Vishva Bharati London

from the DVD coming with the book:


A Guide Book

This video has been designed to enable Jains to perform Pratikramana. To fully benefit from these resources we need to understand the Jain religion. As a Jain our core beliefs are:

  1. The universe is eternal. It was never created by any entity nor will it ever be destroyed.
  2. All souls are eternal. In their natural state they are pure and have infinite perception, knowledge, power and bliss.
  3. Souls are trapped in a cycle of birth and death i.e. reincarnation. The reason for this bondage is karma which blocks the infinite potential of souls.
  4. The aim of every Jain is to free the soul from this cycle by attaining liberation. The method of attaining liberation is to follow the path of Jain Dharma, the combination of right knowledge, right faith and right conduct.
  5. Following this path will both prevent the influx of new karma as well as shed existing karma, thus allowing the soul to reach its highest potential of perfect knowledge and hence attain liberation.

Why do Pratikramana?

In the context of these beliefs we can now understand why Pratikramana is so essential. Firstly it gives us the opportunity to repent for previously committed sins and hence shed existing karma. Secondly while in the state of Pratikramana, we are in a state of purity whereby there is no influx of karma. Thirdly by reminding us of the right path and of our vows, we become better able to prevent the influx of new karma in the future. In this manner Pratikramana can aid us substantially in our path to liberation.

...Full text of the book will be available soon...


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