AHIMSA RALLY @ Cuttack, Orissa: October 2, 2009 , International Non-violence Day

Posted: 15.09.2009
Updated on: 02.07.2015


APOWA (Action for Protection of Wild Animals), Orissa in association with International Naturopathy Organization, Cuttack  will conduct a grand "AHIMSA RALLY" in the historical city Cuttack of Orissa state on October 2, 2009, International Non-violence Day and Gandhi Jayanti, World Animal Welfare Day etc.

In the rally nearly 5000 students, teachers, activists, volunteers etc will participate. In the rally the participants will carry banners, placards, posters depicting like Vegetarianism, prevention of cruelty to animals, environmental & ecological values, animal welfare etc. At the end of the rally a grand meeting will organize.  

We solicit the cooperation of various organizations, individuals to extend their cooperation for the successes of the grand programme.  We are inviting you to participate with us in the rally.

We need your cooperation for supply us pla-cards, banners, T-shirts, caps, posters, broachers etc if available with your organization. A small sponsor will also highly appreciable. Kindly send it to the undersigned address.



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