Vikas Mahotsava Celebrated Joyfully And Vigorously In Mahasabha Bhawan

Posted: 16.09.2009
Updated on: 30.07.2015

Gurudev Shri Tulsi was constructive & visionary Acharya

Sadhvi Kanak Shri

Sadhvi Kanak Shri

In auspicious presence of Sadhvi shri Kanakshriji, a learned disciple of Acharya shri Mahaprajnaji and well organized by Terapanthi Sabha, Kolkata, Vikash Mahotsav (An occasion to celebrate the adorning of the Seat of Acharya by Acharya Shri Tulsi, the Anuvrata evolving personality) was celebrated with vigor & joy to mark the furtherance and development of Terapanth.

In Mahasabha Bhawan Pragya Samavasaran ‘Vikas Mahotsava’ celebration started with the chanting of ‘Mangal Sangan’ by Mahila Mandal.  While describing ‘Vikas Mahotsava’ as a symbol of multifarious development of Terapanth Sadhvi shri Kanakshriji said - Genadhipati Poojyapad Gurudev Shri Tulsi was a great architect in making of the modern Terapanth.  A great Philosophical Saint Acharya shri Mahapragya is a creation by Acharya shri Tulsi.  Apart from this Acharya shri Tulsi created many able personalities and literary in the ‘Dharma Sangha’.  Terapanth is a progressive Dharma Sangha said Sadhvi shri in the flow of the speech.  The basis of its growth being Spiritualism, Discipline and Consciousness.  In her arousal to the Shravak Sangh Sadhvi, shri expected them to be attached with those activities of Terapanth that further the growth continuously.  Education, Svadhyaya, Agam Editing, Ahimsa Training, Anuvrata and jeevan Vigyan etc. should be practiced and propagated as per ones own inclinations.

This was preceded by a song made by Sadhvi shri Kanakshriji in praise of the eternal contributions of Acharya shri Tulsi sang by Sadhvi Madhulekhaji & Sadhvi Shantiprabhaji.  Sri Rajkaran Sirohia (Immediate Past President of JST Mahasabha & Chief Trustee of Kolkata Sabha), Sri Binod Choraria (General Secretary, JST Mahasabha), Sri Karan Singh Nahata (President - Kolkata Sabha), Sri Janwarimal Nahata (President - South Howrah SJST Sabha), Sri Banechand Maloo (Senior Disciple), Sri Dilip Marothi (President, TYP), Sri Jaideep Dugar (Secretary, TYP) & Sri Sandeep Jain (From Kishore Mandal) expressed their devotion and commitment and presented the intense personality of Acharyashri Tulsi the Vikash Purush also various fields of contributions by Acharyashri in the backdrop of Vikas Mahotsava.  Sri Bhanwarlal Singhi compered the function nicely.

Tapashyas are continuously reported as a result of Sadhvishriji’s supportive presence.  During Pravachan many a brothers-sisters took oath of Tapasya.

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