The Jaina Doctrine of Karma And The Science Of Genetics ► [8.4] Life and Genes ► Life and Genes

Posted: 27.10.2009

Where there is soul and karma śarīra life will take birth. Every living organism is built of number of cells. Where there is cell, means life is there. Cell is made of up of genes. That means, where there are genes life is there. Soul generates life with the help of karmaśarīra. Karma śarīra plays its role in gross body of a living organism with the help of genes only. Thus we can say life is a composite building up of soul, karma and genes. Without the soul karma and genes cannot survive more in gross body of living being but not vice-versa. Hence it is proved that life cannot be survived without the common efforts of karma and genes. So we should compare life with genes i.e. to compare karma with genes.

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