Towards Inner Harmony

Posted: 12.11.2009
Updated on: 31.07.2012

Man has three weaknesses - cruelty, inequality, intolerance. There are three ways to rectify these - compassion, equality, control of strong emotions. In other words:

  • Let cruelty die and compassion awake!
  • Let inequality give way to equality!
  • Let frenzy cease and tolerance flower!

That is the theme of Towards Inner Harmony. Being leads to becoming and meditation is the only means there to.

True religion, as the great teacher maintained, has nothing to do with sects. Religion, in the night sense of the word, means the art of living sanely, intelligently so as never to create any problem at all.

It is this religion, transcending all sectarian considerations, and spreading the message of universal joy, which is the subject of Acharya Mahaprajna's discourses. Acharyaji constitutes in himself an Institution for helping men achieve self-realization and. for bringing about a new world based on love and understanding through individual transformation. He is an inexhaustible fountain of supernal wisdom, born of profound experience in spiritual meditation. It is one's great good fortune to hear him speak. The next best is to read him in the original. But the wisdom embodied in his speech is so deep that even at second hand, in a translation, it leaves its impact upon the mind.


Acharya Mahaprajna


B. Jain Publishers (p) Ltd., New Delhi



R.K. Seth


Reprint 2006

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Towards Inner Harmony


Towards Inner Harmony




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