Alt, Ctrl & Delete – 3 Keys of Happiness

Posted: 20.11.2009
Updated on: 30.07.2015

Mahima  Bokariya

C.A. Mahima Bokariya

Above heading might seem something unusual but at the same time you might be feeling familiar with the words. If you are relating these keys with the keys of computers, then I must say you are on right track. Alt, Ctrl & Delete are our very closest friends, which help to operate the computer in most efficient and optimum manner. How many times even I have strike these 3 keys while writing this article, I too don’t know. These keys are responsible for vital functions of computers without which computer is like a damaged BMW pulled by the cart. I am sure now confusion about these keys has been wiped off but its linking with happiness has surely been started bubbling in the mind somewhere.


Let unveil the curtain from their use in the software of happiness installed in the life’s computer. We will understand its utility through the four basic questions - What, When, How and Why. Why’s answer in short is within the heading itself. From broader and deeper vision, it is the achievement of that level of happiness where outer negativity fails to affect the regular cheer of internal peace. How will be answered in the final section.


First is Alt key i.e. Alter key. In computers, Alt key with the helping TAB key is used to smoothly navigate from one open file to another open file. Its application in man’s life is very noteworthy. Man’s mind is fluctuating like anything in this world. In a moment, hundreds of known unknown thoughts pass by through the mind. It’s a human psychology that negative thoughts put faster and deeper impression then the positive one. To protect the operating system of body from the negativity, Alt key creates a protecting shield.

When to use ALT Key

  1. Negative thoughts starts its supremacy
  2. Depression is pulling down the feelings
  3. Anger is melting the thermometer’s mercury
  4. Stress is storming the mind

What to ALTER

  • Alter the vision from one-sided view to multidirectional facets.
  • Alter the thoughts from negative to constructive direction.
  • Alter the actions from motion to calmness.
  • Alter the communication from word’s world to silence’s stream.

Ctrl (control) key is the second important key, which controls the various operations of computer. Also Control key with other supporting keys work as a shortcut for many important programmes. Man is a social being and discipline is must to survive in society. Control key act as borderline for the action and reactions. Acharya Tulsi’s quote “Nij par shasan phir anushasan” is the true definition of control key.

When to use CTRL Key

  • Desires are gaining the extra ground.
  • Jumble wishes are hoping to & fro over consciousness.
  • Actions are violating the non-violence codes.

What to Control

  • Control the desires & luxurious wishes before it become addiction.
  • Control the senses before it makes the nuisance habit.
  • Control the violence before it corrupts the inbuilt character of peace.

Third important key without which computer will be nothing more than a garbage box is delete key. Computer is the storage house of data. If data is properly managed, processing efficiency increases automatically. Data, which is not required, is deleted by the delete key and send it to recycle bin. If delete key would not be there, it will not take much time for crashing the hard disk. Human body is not different from this. Our mind is the ocean of thoughts. The uncountable thoughts travel in our unconscious mind in comparison to those that rotate at the conscious level. If we used to retain all these thoughts, no one can save the tsunami in the controlling centre of body. The major difference between a normal and insane person is nothing but the management of thoughts.

When to use Delete Key

  • Negative thoughts started changing its identity from guest to host.
  • Bad memories are repeating frequently and disturbing the life.
  • Mind started being entangled in the web of unwanted, superfluous thoughts.

What to Delete

  • Delete the negative thoughts and vision.
  • Delete the bad friend’s and other similar surroundings.
  • Delete the past bad memories.
  • Delete the useless, excessive information.

Now the most important and typical question - HOW and a short sweet answer is Preksha Meditation. Preksha Meditation consists of numerous experiments to activate the Alter, Control and Delete switches of life.

Deep Breathing Perception helps in decreasing the count of breath and hence there is increase in the intake of oxygen resulting in more energy supply. Long breath decreases the hyper activity of mind & helps in controlling the emotions, thoughts and aggressive behaviour.

Colour (lesya) meditation regulates the endocrine system. When the secretions of glands are regular, body & mind will function efficiently. Electromagnetic energy of colour affects the whole personality of a person. Deficiency of colour led to many physical & psychosomatic disorders like deficiency of blue colour increases the anger and activity of mind, black colour deficiency increases the laziness, red colour deficiency vanishes the enthusiasm and alertness. Hence lesya meditation fulfils this deficiency and recharges the body & mind.

Thought perception is very important & effective experiments to put break over the excessive, undesirable thought flow. In this, when we start watching the thoughts, the velocity of thoughts decreases automatically.

Jyoti Kendra Perception is one of the key experiments to beat the heat of the anger. It is the area of centre of forehead (pineal gland in scientific language). When meditation of white colour is practised on this, it helps in managing the emotions, controlling the anger, increasing the mental balance and concentration.

Kayotsarg, the Jack-of-all-trades, is the process of deep relaxation through autosuggestion. It stabilizes the physical body and reduces the metabolic activities. The operational ground of kayotsarg is body, speech, mind and emotions. Relaxation of all these four kicks out the stress from all spheres and rejuvenates the mind, body & soul. Kayotsarg key is the master key to reboot the system of body for efficient working.

The regular and devoted practise of these experiments changes the secretion of glands & the way of visualization which lead to self-control and self-transformation. Happiness is nothing but the internal state of contentment and peace, which is the natural charaterstic of soul. When person learns to control the self; happiness is no more the untravelled path. Alt-ctrl-delete restores the nature of soul and releases the stuck flow of happiness within. Alt-ctrl-delete restores the nature of soul and converts the suppressed happiness into the free flow stream. No one can make you feel unhappy without your permission. So be the leader of your life and carve the happiness on every passing moment.

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