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Ceremony Of Appreciation On The Pre-Morning Of Maryada Mahotsav Inauguration

Following the tradition, Jain Shwetamber Terapanthi Mahasabha, Kolkatta organised the ceremony of appreciation a day before Maryada Mahotsav inauguration in grand Shayama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium on 19th Jan. These titles were nominated to 240 Shravaks and Shravikas who have enriched the dharmsangh with their worthy contribution for maintaining its high value tradition along with new developmental approach. Different titles of Samaj bhushan, Shashan Sevi, Shashan Bhakt, Samadhi Nisht, Taponisht, Shrawika Prawar, Shraddhanisht, and Shraddha Ki Pratimurti are honoured to shravaks and shravikas who have extracted the core of life with selfless devotion, dedication and deliverance.

The event was started with the recitation of Jayacharya Astakam by the group of Samaniji’s. Mahasabha President ShriJaskaran Chopra and Acharya Shree Mahapragya Pravas Simiti’s caretaker Shri Banechand Malu welcomed the gathering.

Titles are presented in the cheerful inspiringl atmosphere including Samaj Bhushan to Late Shri Bhawanwar Lal Duggar (Sardarsahar), Shahshan Bhakt title Late Shri Ridhkaran ji Pugalia (Sri Dungargarh), Shashan sevi award to prior Police Head Rajasthan Arun ji Duggar. A book describing introduction of all the award winning members is presented to Acharya Shree, Yuvaacharya Shree, Sadhvi Pramukha Shree ji and Mukhya Niyojika Vishrut Vibha Ji by President Shri Jaskaran Chopra, incharge Shri Vinod Chorariya.. Jain Vishwa Bharti’s Mantri Shri Bhikhamchand Pugliya gifted Acharya Shree the new year edition of “Jay Tithee Patra” and Ashtak Saptkam CD.

Acharya Mahapragya during his discourse articulated that when multiple rivers meet it leads to formation of sea, similarly a community is formed with collection of different people and these people contribute their efforts to make the community superior. He also said that such programs of felicitation are really a great platform to applaud the efforts of active members and are worthier than 50 spiritual discourse sessions. He also enunciated that community like Terapanth is rare to find where entire community is serving the direction of one Acharya unanimously.

Yuvaacharya Shree Mahashraman affirming the valuation of virtues said that if one’s efforts are evaluated and acknowledged it further increases the feeling of putting more efforts towards attaining the aim and also helps in increment of enthusiasm.

Training workshop for Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Mandal

Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Mandal organised the training cum workshop for its members in context to the overall development. There are 377 branches of Mahila Mandal across India uniting around 55000 members conducting various kind of religious, personal and social activites.

National President Smt. Kanak Barmecha gave welcome message and enunciated that this training will help the members in performing various work in much more organized and proper manner.

Acharya Shree Mahapragya advised the workshop that they should be looking at  renouncing the thoughts of “Ahankar”(Ego)  and “Mamkar”(Me &Mine) and put efforts to craft the thought of “Parmarth”(We and ultimate) in the scripyure of life. Yuvaacharya Shree ji and Sadhvi Pramukha ji also expressed their valuable guidance during the training session to the participants. Rastriya Mahamantri Veena Jain gave good wishes to all the members for their 2 years journey of work ahead.

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