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"Conscience is Religion" - Acharya Mahapragya

National Saint Acharya Shree Mahapragya during his morning discourse at Pragya Samavsaran said that Intelligence and Conscience both play very important role in our life. In today’s world we are witnessing an immense development and growth in the field of personal IQ but simultaneously level of EQ is diminishing. Conscience carries greater importance than intelligence as it enriches the emotional development of person to tackle the changing personal and other relationships. We should continuously strive for development of greater conscience in us, as Conscience carries lot of strength and energy in itself.

Acharya Shree also mentioned that through developed Conscience only we can follow our religion completely and can worship truth as a whole. In today’s ever changing world more emphasis is being laid on IQ development but there is no criterion to judge inner Conscience. Conscience is very effective tool to control our passions and one who’s Conscience is not awakened cannot remove his shortcomings and weaknesses. Acharya Shree also mentioned about Tulsi Wisdom World Institute where a formal training will be imparted for overall development of Pragya (Intelligence), Pratibha (talent), Dhruti (patience) and Conscience.

Yuvaacharya Shree Mahashraman asserted that there are two types of human being - one is omniscience and the other who are indulged in attachment & aversion cycle.  One who is free from attachment and aversion becomes omniscience. Core of monk hood is to develop the qualities which ways towards Vitraag. Fearlessness is the basic virtues for this.  This fearlessness means neither have fear feeling for anything and nor attempt to scare anyone in this mundane world. One who is calm, who’s anger is mortified and have control over emotion of pride is called as a true saint.


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