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Posted: 11.03.2010

Broadmindedness is an admirable ability to see all sides of a question, situation or event It is an ingenious practical ability to reconcile, i.e. find some unifying features even in two apparently conflicting or diametrically opposite views, statements, qualities or events. Thus, it is a desirable virtue for promoting social health and well-being. A person who has acquired this virtue remains imperturbable under pressure and recovers quickly in the face of threat or upset Such an ability enables one to maintain balance under the pressure of two conflicting impulses. The opposite adjective describes views, concepts, or emotions, that are apparently incompatible i.e. they do not agree or go together.

However, opposite is not necessarily inimical or hostile. As a matter of fact, the nature is full of opposite conditions which co-exist E.g. condition opposite to heat is cold; north is south In other words, a broadminded person will try to reconcile opposite conditions or opinions and avoid active hostilities, ill-feeling and rancour.

Instructions for the Exercise

Steps nos. 1 to 5 - as in exercise 1.


Focus your full attention on Centre of Intuition (between the eyebrows) and recite the following sentences for 12 minutes as specified before:

  • I will try my best to seek reconciliation in apparently conflicting views (statements, qualities, actions).
  • I will develop broadmindedness.


As step no. 7 in exercise no.1.

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