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Posted: 11.03.2010

There are many cultures, ideologies and religions in a cosmopolitan society of modern times. Religion basically works for the good of mankind in general and its adherents in particular. Many a time, however, due to fanaticism, there develops religious intolerance between the adherents of different ideologies. A serious social situation of tension may arise and may culminate into riots and terrorism. Freedom from fanaticism is a virtue which develops religious tolerance which is very essential for social peace and health. Simultaneously, greed and selfishness of the people have increased manifold due to technological advances and over­industrialisation. In order to save mankind from the evil consequences of technology inspired by greed, worldwide cooperation among the followers of all religions and philosophies is needed. They should not be handicapped by traditions of exclusiveness and intolerance. Instead a tradition of mutual tolerance, respect and positive cooperation must be developed. This spirit is needed for a concerted struggle to save the mankind from doom. The following exercise can transmute the negative attitude of intolerance and fanaticism by acquiring freedom from fanaticism.

Instructions for Exercise

Steps nos. 1 to 5—as in exercise no. 1


Focus your full attention on the Centre of Bliss and recite the following sentences for 12 minutes as specified before.

  • I will remain totally free from sectarian fanaticism.
  • I will develop tolerance for divergent creeds and sects.


As step no. 7 in exercise no.1.

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