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Posted: 11.03.2010

The scientific term for mankind is "Homo sapiens". This means that every man on the face of this earth is a member of this species which is the only surviving species of the genus "Homo". Thus there is a basic natural unity of mankind inspite of diversities in colour, culture, creed, country etc. Every man (and woman) possesses some basic human characteristics - biological as well as psychological, which distinguish him (or her) from other sub-human animals. One of these is his capacity for rational thinking and behaviour. These characteristics unify the entire human race. On the other hand, there are many man-made differences such as wealth, status, power etc., and these inevitably create conflicts. The purpose of acquiring this concept is to accept the basic human equality and not despise any member because of his inferior social or economic status. This is an essential virtue for the maintenance of social health and peace.

Instructions for the Exercise

1-5.   Steps nos. 1 to 5—as in exercise no. 1


Focus your full attention on the Centre of Purity and recite the following sentences for 12 (4,4,4) minutes as specified before:

  • I will maintain full faith in the basic human equality.
  • I will not designate anybody as high or low on the basis of colour, caste, creed etc.


As step no. 7 in exercise no.1.

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