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Posted: 17.03.2010

Amity is a positive virtue in the form of a feeling of friendship which is free from the opposite feeling of enmity. It is a highly desirable virtue for promoting and maintaining social health and welfare because it denotes a feeling of good-will and harmony. Enmity, on the other hand, denotes a feeling of ill- will or active dislike, which may be personal or impersonal, open or hidden, and which leads to the display of hostility disrupting the peace and placidity of social life. The end result of enmity of prolonged hostility is hatred which being deep-seated and malicious is a menace to the tranquillity and calmness of the social life which is essential for the promotion of social health.

Instructions for the Exercise


Steps 1-2 as in exercise no. 1.


Steps 3-4 as in exercise no.9, except that the colour to be visualized and inhaled is bright white.


Focus your full attention on the entire forehead region and recite the following sentences first loudly (9 times) and then mentally (9 times):

  • Everybody is my friend.
  • I will practise amity with everybody.


Contemplate on the merit of this virtue on the following lines:

  • Feeling of enmity generates fear which, in turn, weakens the body and mind. Therefore, I must develop the virtue of amity.
  • Whenever one indulges in the feeling of enmity, his happiness is destroyed.
  • To perpetuate one's own happiness, one must develop the virtue of universal amity.


Step 7 as in exercise no. 1.

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