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Posted: 18.03.2010

Straightforwardness is a virtue which affects one's manner of speech, behaviour and dealing with other people. It is free from deviousness and crookedness, i.e. it is simple, direct and guileless but it is neither brusque nor indifferent to the feeling of others. It is fearless but not aggressive. He, who attainsThisvirtue, is habitual­ly disposed to tell the truth. He is not given to lying, cheating or being dishonest in any way. His motivations and principles are virtuous and worthy of respect His reputation, and the high regard (by the community) enjoyed by him are thoroughly justified because he never uses subterfuge or unscrupulous means to get his way.

Instructions for the Exercise


Steps 1-2 as in exercise no. 1


Steps 3-4 as in exercise no. 9, except that the colour to be visualized and inhaled is rising-sun-red.


Focus your full attention on the Centre of Intuition and recite the following sentences loudly at first (nine times) and, then mentally (nine-times);

  • My straightforwardness is increasing.
  • My crookedness is diminishing.



Contemplate on the high moral value of this virtue on the following lines:

  • Straightforwardness and truth are inseparable. One can never dream of Truth without straight­forwardness.
  • Only he, who is straightforward, is able to communicate one's feeling to others and know the others' feelings.
  • Only a straightforward person can be free from the discrepancy between speech and action.
  • Straightforwardness is a virtue with immense human value.
  • I resolve to develop the virtue of straight­forwardness.


Step 7 as in exercise no. 1.

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