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Posted: 18.03.2010

National fidelity is an essential virtue for national and social health. It means that a person will not fail in loyalty, duty or service to his country. It is a basic obligation of faithfulness that every citizen owes his country in return for the benefits and privileges he receives by virtue of his citizenship. It means that a citizen will not fail in any situation where protection, discretion or fairness are essential. Every citizen must think and act in such a way that his activity would not harm the national interests in any way.

Instructions for the Exercise


Steps 1-5 same as in exercise no. 1.


Focus your full attention on the Centre of Intuition and recite the following sentence first loudly (for 4 minutes), then softly (for 4 minutes) and finally mentally (for 4 minutes):

  • I will always remain aware of my national fidelity.
  • I will not do anything which may harm national interests or lower its prestige



Step 7 as in exercise no. 1.

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