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Posted: 19.03.2010

Vital energy is an inner strength which is the basis of physical, mental and emotional health. One who has developed this ability enjoys vigorous health and is generally free from sickness. His mental equipment functions properly in a balanced manner. Emotionally he is free from psychological disortions such as cruelty, retaliation and hatred. This ability is the result of self-restraint and self-discipline.

Instructions for the Exercise


Steps 1 and 2 as in exercise no. 1.


Steps 3-4 as in exercise no. 9, except that the colour to be visualized and inhaled is rising-sun-red.


Focus your full attention on the chest region and recite:he following sentence, first loudly (nine times), and then mentally (nine times):

  • My vital energy is increasing.
  • My weakness is diminishing.


Contemplate on the high moral value of this virtue on the following lines:

  • Carnal desires weaken the mind.
  • Vital energy does not develop with a weak mind.
  • Therefore I will not be ensnared by the web of carnal desires.
  • I will develop the virtue of desirelessness.
  • When mental strength increases, vital energy also develops.


Step 7 as in exercise no. 1.

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