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Posted: 23.03.2010

Change in Habits

Next we consider the psychical benefits derived from meditation. The basic improvement is the change in habits, i.e. transmutation of attitude and behaviour. If one practises meditation systematically and regularly, it must have profound effect on one's emotional nature. The psychological distortions such as cruelty, retaliation, greed, hate, jealousy, deceit, haughtiness and aggression are sure to be reduced in intensity as a result of meditation. There is a natural subsidence in the intensity of the bad habits. The perception of psychic centres does eradicate psychological distortions. But this does not mean that total change is instantaneous. The long process of eradication of the evil commences with the commencement of the practice.

Change of Heart

The effect of meditational practice is the change of heart. The meditational exercise could be in the form of perception of individual centre or in the form of collective perception or cyclic perception. In any case, as soon as our psychic attention is focused on a centre, its activity begins to become balanced and its chemical output is changed. Since all the primal urges are endocrine expressions, transmutation of the hormonal synthesization must bring about a fundamental change in the attitude themselves.

Benefits of Relaxation

In the first stage of relaxation, one learns to keep still and stop all voluntary movements. The turmoil due to restlessness vahishes and an acute sense of relaxation and relief from tension is experienced. There is progressive improvement in psychosomatic diseases as hypertension and in due course this becomes measurable.

In the second stage of relaxation, some further benefits accrue:

  • There is soothing effect on the nervous system.
  • Changes in the electric activity of the nervous system and brain take place (soothing alpha waves may be produced at will).
  • Rate of metabolism slows down and the need for oxygen is drastically reduced.
  • Control is established on the involuntary or smooth internal muscles. The level of excitation of these muscles is reduced and they are less tense.
  • Operational efficiency increases.
  • There is an increase in the capacity for bearing environ¬≠mental changes such as heat, cold etc.
  • Alertness sharpens the intellect.
  • Concentration is easily achieved.

In the third stage, self-awareness increases and the physical body remains in the background. The subtle body is clearly identified and sometimes can be separated from the gross body. Perception is more acute and is considerably more than the proverbial five senses.

In the fourth and final stage, the separateness of the body and spiritual self is complete. Self-awareness is constant and without hindrance.

Relief from Tension

The most obvious and measurable benefit accruing from relaxation is elimination of tension. Anybody who practises regular relaxation will get rid of his tensions in a short time and would remain relaxed, calm and unperturbed in any situation. It not only relieves tensions but revitalizes the organism. Gone is the heaviness and congestion and the practitioner enjoys a feeling of well-being and lightness. More significant is the relief from mental load-heaviness. Regular practitioner never suffers from mental disorders.

As the exercise continues and the muscles begin to relax and drain out the tension, turmoil dies down and in due course is completely gone. All the needs and necessities of the organism are reduced to a minimum and an unprecedented peacefulness prevails in the absence of turmoil.

Revitalization of the Organism

Relaxation provides much-needed rest to the nerves and neurons. They are free from the load of their onerous duties. The rest gives them a chance of recuperating. The flow of vital energy, saved from being wasted in producing tension, now revitalizes and rejuvenates every tissue and cell.


When the turmoil of the body ceases and one achieves total motionlessness, there is an acute state of self-awareness. The body is forgotten and the spiritual SELF reveals its separate existence. This is neither imagination nor auto-suggestion, but a self experience.

Benefits of Perception of Breathing

Perception of breath is an important aid for mental concentration. Besides, it improves circulation, stimulates generation of energy, improves conductivity and, in general, assists the nervous system in its proper functioning. All these collectively result in the control of emotions and passions.

Perception of breath is a simple but unfailing tool for increasing mental alertness. Regular practice of conscious breathing and its perception increase the alertness of mind and there will be total awareness and concentration. Perception of breath is perception of truth and practice of living in the present. When we are fully aware of the present moment alone, our operational efficiency increases manifold.

Awareness of breath does not need any thinking, and, in fact, the mind is not engaged in thought, but fully engaged in perception of breath. Thus, it is practice of pure perception, which develops mental concentration. As our breathing becomes more and more complete, we produce more vital energy, and its perception leads us to its origin. Activizing this primary source enables us to obtain unlimited energy. Thus Shvas-preksa is a very important means of achieving new and higher states of consciousness.

Samavrtti Shvas-preksa is also a valuable instrument of developing energy. Psychologists have discovered that higher levels of consciousness can be achieved by samavrtti shvas-preksa. Extra-sensory perception (ESP) can be developed by regular practice of samavrtti shvas-preksa. Many other parapsychological achievements are possible by its practice.

Benefits of Perception of Body

A significant benefit derived by-the perception of body (sharir-preksa) is the balanced flow of vital energy in the body. Perception of body is a valuable therapy for maintaining good health. Its main aim is regulation of the flow of vital energy and this objective is achieved because the flow is even and unimpeded after the exercise. More efficient nervous system, improved blood-circulation, balanced muscular movements and better vi­tality are obtained.

Rejuvenation of the Body

To keep the body young and healthy, it must be washed and cleaned by catharsis of poisons and contaminations. Sharir-preksa helps the body's excretory systems to remain active and efficient so that the poisonous wastes produced in the body are excreted easily and naturally. Blood-circulation improves, impediments in the circulatory system are eliminated, arteries are kept free and properly dilated, and the blood pressure is kept normal, the heart is never overloaded, and it functions efficiently for a long time.

Stomach, liver, intestines and other organs of the digestive system function properly. Consequently, adequate nutritions reach each and every cell in the body. The muscular and other tissues are ever ready to give proper service at all times. All the maladies of the gastro-intestinal part are automatically eliminated and prevented.

Sharir-preksa directly affects the nervous system. If the nervous system is in top condition, all the mental problems disappear.

Perception of body enhances the immunising capacity of the practitioner and fortifies him against the vicious attack of the energy. The second benefit of sharir-preksa is vigilance-increased awareness of the conscious mind. Practitioner of sharir-preksa will continue to do his duty. He will apply his mind to work in hand, but will not get upset, and unduly anxious. He will be free from irrational psychological distortions and will thus be ever blessed with perfect bliss.

Benefits of Perception of Psychic Centres

Avery important benefit is stimulation of the Centre of Joy, i.e., producing a state of euphoria without the use of harmful habit-forming drugs.

Perception of psychic centres can activate the centres of euphoria and bliss. An addict can get rid of this hideous affliction by regular practice of this exercise.

Another benefits is the reinforcement of the vital energy. We can stimulate the centre of vital energy in our body by the perception of psychic centres. Thus the bio-energy stored in the lower centres can be tapped by the meditation of psychic centres and utilised for spiritual uplift.

Anger, haughtiness, sexual arousal, selfishness, jealousy, fear and hatred - all these emotional urges are aroused when our psyche roams about the navel region. It is quite normal for this to happen because we do not know the outcome of this. But we know that it is beneficial to keep psychic attention in the upper regions above the heart and throat and up in the cranium. If our attention is repeatedly concentrated in these upper regions, our urges and distortions would be regulated, amenable to control and can even be transmuted. Our 'libido' can then be put to creative activity. This results in attitudinal change and development of an integrated personality. This then is the key for change of attitude and behaviour and building up character.

Having got rid of psychological distortions, his behaviour would be free from irrational fear, lust, cruelty, vindictiveness etc. His way of life - presonal as well as social - would be full of compassion, modesty and honesty.

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