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Posted: 24.03.2010

When a practitioner of the perception of psychic colours crosses the border of gross physical body and enters the domain of subtle body, he will know how tranquillity, bliss and happiness are produced. Change in leshya results in purification of the aura which, in turn, leads to purity of charater. Thus, purity of character is proportional to purification of leshya and aura.

Accomplishment of joyfulness, peacefulness and satiety is not the 'be-all and end-all' of meditation. All these are initial and elementary benefits only. The crucial and fundamental test of a regular practitioner is metamorphosis of his way of life, conduct and character. If this happens, then one is sure that he has practised well and has realized the true spirit of Sadhana.

When we visualize rising-sun-red colour on darshan kendra and when the visualization is intensified and sustained, the colour actually appears and is perceived. Then the concentrated perception of this psychic colour, which amounts to entering the field of taijasa leshya results in the commencement of the pilgrimage inwards.

Ineffable Innate Happiness

When one enters the field of taijasa leshya, one experiences ineffable innate happiness. It is a real experience. Experiences cannot be communicated to others. One can talk about them, but one cannot transfer them to others. One who has never entered the field of taijasa leshya by perception of bright red colour can never imagine, let alone experience that there is a state of bliss, unconnected with the physical body and transcending all sensual pleasures.

The advent of taijasa leshya produces strong electrical impulses and stimulates the centre of pleasure in the brain.

Cessation of Mental Weakness

Yet another benefit accruing from the perception of rising-sun-red colour and the consequent advent of taijasa leshya, is the cessation of one's mental weakness and of the problems of a mental nature. Regular practice of meditation using this technique strengthens the mental powers and enhances the capacity to endure the calamitous conditions with fortitude, so that there is no mental breakdown under the worse adverse conditions.

Reinforcement of Brain & Nervous System

On the physical level, the bright yellow colour invigorates the central nervous system, i.e., the brain and spinal cord. One who practises perception of the bright yellow colour for ten minutes regularly, develops higher levels of intelligence.

Regular and systematic perception of yellow colour (padma lehya) will result in a very high degree of purity, that is the practitioner would attain a high degree of intelligence, wisdom and decision-making capacity, which cannot be acquired by means of studying thousands of books. In addition, he will gain a keen insight and sagacity to reach the root of the problem so that he would be able to overcome difficulties without much effort.

Mental Happiness

Psychologically, perception of the yellow-colour results in mental happiness. Much advance has been made in colour science and research still continues. Psychology of colour tells us that yellow colour is a symbol of mental happiness, the advent of padma leshya produces mental peace and happiness. Perceptive acumen is enhanced by it.

Perceptive ability leads to realization and an actual experience, not dialectical or rhetorical sharpness but sagacity and wisdom. The psychic colour of shukla leshya is bright white like the light of the full moon. This colour symbolizes godliness, piety, tranquillity and emancipation.


It is the main object of shukla-dhyan and is fulfilled by the meditation of shukla leshya. Only when we accomplish this, we shall be able to comprehend the distinction between the material and the spiritual or the psychical.

The process of self-realisation is creation of nirvikalp chetana, i.e., an exclusive state of consciousness par excellence, which is free from vikalp i.e., wavering as well as emotions of like and dislike, and feelings of pleasure and pain.

Freedom from Anguish (avyath chetana)

The first benefit which accrues from the attainment of this level of consciousness is the awakening of avyath chetana, i.e., one which is free from all mental afflictions, torments and anguish.

Freedom from Infatuation (amudh chetana)

The second benefit which accrues is that the practitioner becomes free from delusion and is therefore not stupefied or infatuated. The third benefit is attainment of wisdom - vivek chetana. A practitioner, on attaining wisdom, develops a faculty of discernment.

By an actual experience, he knows the separate existence of the soul independent of the body. This benefit is a great achievement indeed.

The ultimate benefit that accrues is the ability to abandon, renounce and relinquish. This happens when the wisdom becomes mature. There is no hesitation of vacillation whether one is to relinquish his body or renounce sensual pleasures or abandon family and property.

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