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Posted: 25.03.2010

In the context of the present age

The human body is the most dignified and the most complicated mechanism in the whole world. It has been formed in such a way that it is very essential to keep it constantly active and in perfect order. The yogic exercises help a lot in this respect. The desired results of sadhana (spiritual exertion) can be obtained by maintaining the activity and health of the body. These physical exercises are an important part of the Preksha technique with a view to keep the body active and in perfect order. Looking to the conditions of place, time and society of present world, it is growing difficult day by day for every body to devote much time in yogic postures and exercises. If one has no problem of time, the factor of'place' creates difficulties for him. The city life has taken a person away from nature. He has neither the land for putting in physical labour nor pollution free environment (open space for walking where he can inhale uncontaminated oxygen) and develop a healthy physique. He has to traverse daily the crowded paths in narrow habitations: He has to live in small flats with his whole family. In addition to this; man has adopted such an artificial life that inspite of his ardent desire he cannot devote time in physical postures, Preksha meditation and other allied techniques.

Impact of the Exercises

Some people engulfed in physical and mental afflictions adopt this course of exercises, but it becomes difficult for them to maintain regularity. Lest they are being deprived, for want of time, of the benefits to be derived from yogic postures (asanas), some precise exercises are necessary for them. Such exercises help in making the body and mind healthy. These are also useful and energizing even for those who are physically unhealthy, aged or incapacitated. The joints of the whole body become flexible and working capacity increases through these exercises. The muscles get agility and the nervous system is changed, Blood circulation becomes orderly. The mind feels joy and bliss. The heart gains tranquility, which gives rise to intellect (pragya)"intellect appears in sound mind alone."

How to do these Exercises

Choice of a particular place or any meticulous arrangement is not required to use this course of exercise. Only a clean and airy place would suffice. The complete course takes about 15 minutes at a stretch. For want of time it can also be devided in parts. This course, related to different organs from head to foot is covered in 13 simple exercises.

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