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Samayasar, Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda, Samayasāra

Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda

Original Text, Romanization, English Translation and Annotations (with scientific interpretation) by Jethalal S. Zaveri & Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar


Acharya Kundakunda needs no introduction. He graced the country with his divine presence in the first century b.c. His great book SAMAYASARA has 400 odd verses. Nothing surpasses the excellence of Samayasara - self-contained, self-determining, self-sufficient pure and perfect super self. The soul is the sole determinant of its own pure psychic status. The soul never loses its soulhood.

In a living organism the soul can be conceived as the nucleus circumscribed by the limits of the gross physical body. It is to be liberated and enlightened, "his advice is remain a spectator, an observer, a witness of all that is happening in the physical world but do not become an actor, a doer because the drama is being played by aliens and you being a spectator have" right knowledge, right faith and right conduct constitute the right path to final emancipation and liberation of soul. The trio is known as "The Three Jewels".

Samayasara is the ultimate conscious reality. The enlightened soul has the infinite glory. It has its innate ability to demolish the power of karmas-both auspicious as well as inauspicious-punya and papa which constitute the cycle of births and deaths, and are an obstacle in the path of liberation of the soul.


Acharya Kundakunda


Jain Vishva Barati, Ladnun, India


Jethalal S. Zaveri & Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar


Jethalal S. Zaveri & Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar


First Edition 2009



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Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda

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Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda




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