Posted: 29.07.2009
Muni Gyanendra Ji worthy disciple of Acharya Mahaprajna Ji presented the book "The Family and the Nation" jointly authored by Acharya Mahaprajna Ji, a saint philosopher and A.P. J. Abul Kalam, former president of India to Dr Jaspal Singh, Vice chancellor Punjabi Unversity, Patiala (Punjab) in his office on 5 June, 2009 . On the occasion the eminent person of the Jain community Purushottam Jain and Ravinder Jain...
Posted: 29.07.2009
17th Aug 2009 Khad Sanyam Diwas Bhadrapad Krishna 12 18th Aug 2009 Swadhyaya Diwas Bhadrapad Krishna 13 19th Aug 2009 Samyik Diwas Bhadrapad Krishna 14 20th Aug 2009 Vani Sanyam Diwas Bhadrapad Amavasya 21st Aug 2009 Anuvrat Chetna Diwas Bhadrapad Shukla 1 22nd Aug 2009 Jap Diwas Bhadrapad Shukla 2 23rd Aug 2009 Dhyan Diwas Bhadrapad Shukla 3/4 24th Aug 2009 Samvatsari Mahaparv Bhadrapad Shukla 5 25th Aug 2009...
Posted: 28.07.2009
►Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji, Yuvacharya Shri Maha Shramanji and Sadhvi Pramukha Shri Kanakprabhaji will vihar (walk by foot) from Ladnun for Sri Dungargarh on 19th November 2009 and will reach Sri Dungargarh on 02nd Dec 2009. Detailed schedule for the footwalk will we published in time. Road map @ google: Large view
Posted: 26.07.2009
Nari Lok The monthly newsletter of All India Terapanth Women Wing
Posted: 26.07.2009
►Sri Ramesh Sutaria and other youths presenting literature to Sri Sanjeev Naik, MP ►Youth member of parliament Sri Sanjeev Naik talking to H.H Acharya Mahaprajna. ►Summary of News in Hindi: Sri Sanjeev Naik, MP came for darshan of Acharya Mahaprajna and received blessings. Acharya Mahaprajna told him to follow way of his father Sri Ganesh Naik which he accepted: Work for morality and upliftment of society...
Posted: 25.07.2009
►Gauhati's gyanshala presenting various programmes in Ladnun ►A view of National Dialogues on Happy & Harmonious Family held in Ahimsa Bhawan on 25 July 2009 ►News in Hindi
Posted: 24.07.2009
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Posted: 21.07.2009
Gurupurnima Celebrated at Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, New Delhi On July 7th, Gurupurnima was celebrated at Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra in New Delhi. According to Indian tradition, Gurupurnima is on full moon of the Indian Asad month. On this day, all over India Gurus are honoured. At Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Swami Dharmananda in the presence of Samani Pratibha Pragya ji paid with great zeal and happiness respect and...
Posted: 14.07.2009
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Posted: 13.07.2009
Muni Vinay Kumar Ji 'Alok' talking to a delegation. Discussing topic: Addict Free Lifeand Vegetarianism ►News in Hindi Anuvibha: Taking part in discussion with Muni Vinay Kumar Ji 'Alok': Gandhian Thinker Sri S.N. Subbarao Sri Navranglal Tibrewal Former Governer Sri Narendra Sharama Hanumansahay Sharama Secretary, Plannin Commission Sri Madanlala Bhadav Colonel N.K. Sharma Sardar Jaswnt Singh Smt. Snati...
Posted: 12.07.2009
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