Posted: 29.12.2004
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Right outlook is necessary to perform right actions. A person with right outlook can earn his livelihood through honest means forever. A person ignorant truth, honesty and moral values is blind, when to earn money is the only objective of his life.
Posted: 28.12.2004
By Acharya Mahaprajna
How can we think of building a healthy society when millions are spent for the living of a rich person in one day, while the poor don’t get sufficient bread to fill their stomachs. There is a need to change the thinking of the society. To understand & practice non-violence is essential to have control on one’s emotions.
Posted: 20.12.2004
By Acharya Mahaprajna
It’s this mind which separates human from animal, otherwise man would be ploughed like a bull...
Posted: 18.12.2004
Acharya Mahaprajna addressing the crowd said, “Raw stone come from outside in Kishangarh’s factories to get refined. A stone if not refined can not be useful in building a house or in any type of construction. There are various factories to refine these stones, but is there any factory for reformation of a man? So it is essential for the man himself to refine his instincts such as attachment, hatred, greed,...
Posted: 25.11.2004
A large gathering numbering more than a lakh followers of Terapanth order of Jain Swetambar sect witnessed a grand diksha ceremony at Siriyari Village on the 4th November, 2004 in the holy presence of Acharya Mahaprajna, Yuvacharya Mahashraman and other Saints and Sadhvis.
Posted: 25.11.2004
The Maryada Mahotsav of Terapanth sect, an annual feature, will then be held there in the holy presence of Acharya Mahaprajna. All munis and sadhvis as well as devotees of the sect collect there on that day and take a vow to show their complete allegiance to the Acharya and maintain ethical self-restraint and dignity in their conduct.
Posted: 03.11.2004
Route: From Siriyari to Ladnun
Posted: 02.11.2004
Recently, Sri L.K. Advani, President of Bharatiya Janta Party and Smt. Vasundhara Raje, Chief Minister of Rajasthan called on the Acharya to seek his counsel and blessings on the occasion of Acharya Bhikshu's bi-centenary celebrations. There are excellent facilities available for stay, meals and transportation of visitors, the record number of whom has been 80,000 on a single day and average figure has been...
Posted: 29.10.2004
The Chief Minister of Rajasthan Smt. Vasundhara Raje made an important announcement on the function of Acharya Bhikshu Bicentenary in the presence of H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna and a huge gathering.
Posted: 25.10.2004
On 26th September a large delegation from south India, specially from Bangalore and Chennai, reached Siriyari in a special train from Chennai. They handed a list with the signature of 3000 persons over to Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji supporting their request that Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji might visit south India in the near future.
Posted: 19.10.2004
Tolerance is one of the most powerful virtues for the transformation of situations and personality. To understand this properly we have to keep in mind that tolerance in social life is different from tolerance in spiritual life. In social life the system of defence and revenge is widely accepted. There is no place for both of them on the spiritual level.
Posted: 02.10.2004
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Knowledge plays a leading role in the human development, therefore good education is important in order to shape oneself. I consider knowledge as the basic component of character and conduct in order to communicate and cooperate properly with people. The personal character is the element to influence other people, but the character itself is mainly formed by knowledge.
Posted: 28.09.2004
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Mauna (restraint of speech) is essential for spiritual awakening. It also helps to cure inner diseases like hatred and negative thoughts. Restraint of speech is a precondition to contact the soul. Nirjara is the process to eliminate Karma by pure mental, vocal and physical action. As a result one gets access to the light within. Without spirituality - our life is like that of an animal. The routine of the mind...
Posted: 25.09.2004
By Acharya Mahaprajna
On the occasion of Yuvacharya Manonayan Divas Samaroh Acharya Mahaprajna said: Yuvacharya Mahashraman does not render his devotion to a particular person, but to a particular goal. Devotion along with compassion provide perfection in conduct, organization, working pattern and habits.
Posted: 21.09.2004
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Human life swings between problems and solutions. The problems can never be totally solved or banned and no man can live always in an atmosphere suffocating with problems. So man always tries to find solutions.
Posted: 17.09.2004
Each and every individual has got the capacity to acquire knowledge, but it is not developed in each and every one. When a child is in the situation to be provided with the effective cause to develop knowledge, it can acquire knowledge. When this does not happen, the knowledge lies dormant inside the child.
Posted: 15.09.2004
The highest path to realize the truth is Samadhi like all great saints have realized it. The search for Samadhi is the ailment for physical, mental and emotional illness; Samadhi is even beyond the state of being free from illness and tensions.
Posted: 15.09.2004
Ahimsa Yatra will reach Ladnun on 6th January 2005
Posted: 13.09.2004
On the Samayik gathering in Siriyari Acharya Mahaprajna described Samayik as the first step towards a peaceful life and a tension free state of mind. Samayik means to reach inner satisfaction by real spirituality, for human nature is focussed mostly on getting pleasure. Until this desire is not fulfilled, carving and sorrowful thoughts are directing it. Samayik is very important for the transformation of...
Posted: 09.09.2004
When the light is absent and it is dark, we cannot see. Inner darkness cannot be perceived by one of the sense organs. The ancient sages have said, "Those who are indulging in false and immoral conduct spread darkness all over the earth. The darkness of immorality leads to various problems.”
Posted: 03.09.2004
Acharya Shri Mahaprajna, Head of the Terapanth sect, who has just completed his Ahimsa-Yatra before Chaturmas at Siriyari in Rajasthan, is going to be honoured with the prestigious "National Ethics Award" for his most valuable contribution towards national unity, communal harmony, ahimsa, mutual understanding and building an ethical society.
Posted: 29.08.2004
Determination of goal is essential for development of an organisation - Acharya Mahaprajna.
Posted: 22.08.2004
A conference of the representatives of Tera Panth Mahasabha will be held at Siriyari near Pali (Raj), from 22nd to 24th August, 2004, the place where Terapanth Acharya Shri Mahapragya is having his Chaturmas. The delegates attending the conference will come from all over the country and also abroad for whom elaborate arrangements are being made by the organisers of Chaturmas. The proceedings of the conference...
Posted: 12.08.2004
One cannot think of a healthy individual and healthy society in the absence of healthy economic order. We consider your elevation as the Prime Minister of India an indication of a bright future for the country. You are capable of transforming the economic order of this country in such a way that the people living below the poverty line may fulfil their basic needs and may stay away from the line of affluence.
Posted: 09.08.2004
By Acharya Mahaprajna
The root of violence lies in hatred. All wars and acts of terrorism in the past or present are the direct outcome of hatred of those who train people in carrying out terrorist acts. They instill hatred in the hearts against the intended target, so that there remains no hesitation in killing and destroying. Thus changing hatred into love and friendship is of utmost importance. Where there is love, there cannot be...
Posted: 30.07.2004
On 30th July is Shukla Trayodashi and Acharya Shri Mahaprajna has announced that this day be celebrated with programmes on: E nlightenment of C onsciousness of D iscipline
Posted: 15.07.2004
On the eve of GURU PURANIMA and on the 245th TREAPANTH STHAPANA DIVAS (The day on which Terapantha was started) H. H. Acharya Mahaprajna told the mammoth gathering of devotees from all parts of the country that in Indian literature the glory of Guru had been given in great details.
Posted: 03.06.2004
Acharya Shri Mahaprajna’s contribution to Ahimsa and humanity is finding recognition everywhere and among all religions. This fact is proved again by the news that the religious head of the Adichunchagiri Samsthana Mutt, Shri Balgangadharnath Mahaswamiji has dedicated three educational institutions under the direction of the Mutt to Acharya Shri.
Posted: 24.05.2004
Led by Acharya Shri Mahaprajna, the Ahimsa Yatra today entered the textile city of Bhilwara. His Holiness was publicly welcomed by leading citizens and political leaders at a massive gathering at the Government Higher Secondary School on Rajendra Marg. Rajasthan State Minister for Public Constructions Shri Gulabchand Katariya, Bhilwara M.P. Shri Vijendrapal Singh, Bhilwara M.L.A. Shri Subhash Bahediya as well...
Posted: 24.05.2004
Its Ahimsa festival in Bhilwara as residents welcome Acharya Mahaprajna with massive rally. The entire city of Bhilwara was today coloured in Ahimsa colours as Acharya Mahaprajna entered this industrial town with his entourage. Almost the entire city turned out onto the streets to welcome His Holiness on his noble quest for world peace. Citizens of Bhilwara turned out in thousands to greet the Ahimsa Yatra as...
Posted: 23.05.2004
Adjustments have to be made in order to have a peaceful and happy married and family life, said Acharya Mahaprajna to the more than 160 couples who had gathered to participate in a special camp. The camp was organized by Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Bhilwara at Nakoda Stats, Mandapiya village, about 10 kms outside of Bhilwara city. Addressing the more than 1000 strong gathering including the 320 plus participants...
Posted: 22.05.2004
The principles of Jeevan Vigyan (Science of Living) & Preksha Meditation are slowly but surely finding recognition everywhere. This was confirmed today with the news that the Karnataka state government had decided to include the training in Jeevan Vigyan as a part of the course curriculum for the primary and secondary school students of the state.
Posted: 21.05.2004
Date Places in Rajasthan Distance [km] 21.05.2004 Soniyana 7.4 22.05.2004 Hamirgadh 8.0 23.05.2004 Mandapiya 10 24.05.2004 Bhilwara 9.4 25.05.2004 Bhilwara 0 26.05.2004 Pur 12 27.05.2004 Gurlan 10.2 28.05.2004 Vinaypuram 8 29.05.2004 Amli 13 30.05.2004 Gangapur 11 31.05.2004 Gangapur 0 01.06.2004 Potla 11.5 02.06.2004 Lapsya 10.8 03.06.2004 Kanvariya 10.8 04.06.2004 Bhava 9.3 05.06.2004 Rajsamand 8.3 06.06.2004...
Posted: 14.05.2004
Achayra Shri Mahaprajna & his 3 year old - 5 year long Ahimsa Yatra today once again entered the princely state of Rajasthan in Western India. The Yatra was accorded a grand welcome by the devotees of Mewad, the region from where Acharya Shri entered the state. The Ahimsa Yatra originally started from Rajasthan and then proceeded to Gujarat, Daman, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh to return once again to...
Posted: 19.04.2004
Since April 16th the Ahinsa Yatra has reached Ratlam in the North-West region of Madhya Pradesh.
Posted: 29.03.2004
The inauguration of the exhibition by Acharya Mahaprajnaji & Mrs. Raghunathan; also are seen the other members of the Acharyas sangh.
Posted: 22.03.2004
Preksha Meditation Camp will takes place in the auspicious presence of Acharya Shri Mahaprajna.
Posted: 22.03.2004
Presently Yuvacharya Mahasraman is on separate Ahinsa Yatra for 37 days and not with Acharya Shri. Pujya Yuvacharya Shri has again visited the State of Gujarat on March, 19 at Dahod at the request of Dawoodi Bohra Samaj. Mahaveer Jayanti (Birthday of Mahaveer) will be organized at Petlavad (Madhya Pradesh) in the auspicious presence of Yuvacharya Shri. The Milan of Acharya Shri and Yuvacharya Shri is expected...
Posted: 20.03.2004
Takes place in the auspicious presence of Acharya Shri Mahaprajna.
Posted: 07.02.2004
Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji emphasized the need to spread the message of Ahimsa to counteract the ongoing violent scenario and terrorist like movements. At the occasion of the welcome rally for the Ahimsa Yatra in Chopda yesterday he further quoted that the root cause of violence should be explored. The people of Chopda city presented a 'Letter of Appreciation' to Gurudev followed by a 'Letter of Admiration' for...
Posted: 05.02.2004
The Ahimsa Yatra is entering Chopda city today and stays there for two days. On February 06th, the city is hosting a grand Ahimsa rally followed by a welcome ceremony. Gurudev will deliver a speech. After this the teachers will meet at 2.30pm.
Posted: 04.02.2004
The Ahimsa Yatra received grand welcome at Dhanora in Chopda Taluka today. Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji explained the importance of Ahimsa (non-violence). According to him Ahimsa is the nerve of every religion.
Posted: 30.01.2004
The government of Rajasthan has declared seventeen days to be observed as Ahimsa days. The killing of animals and the sale of meat would completely be banned on these days: Ganatantra Divas, Shahid Divas, Maha Shiv-ratri, Ram Navami, Mahavir Jayanti, Acharya Devendra Punya Tithi, Buddh Purnima, Independence Day, Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Rishi Panchami, Anant Chaturdashi, Gandhi Jayanti, Peda...
Posted: 29.01.2004
Yesterday morning Gurudev and all saints have left Ahinsa Nagar. A broad public witnessed their good bye to Jalgaon when they started for Indore. After they had left Ahinsa Nagar being crowded by masses of people during the last days seemed lifeless. More than 125 volunteers had worked for providing the best of Maryada Mahotsav experiences to all fellows arriving from different parts of the country. The...
Posted: 29.01.2004
Visit the beautiful and the Chaturmas 2004/05 Annoncements
Posted: 29.01.2004
Date Place km Place of Stay 04.04.2004 Indore 0 Milan Garden - South Tukoganj 18.03.2004 Indore 6,4 Milan Garden - South Tukoganj 17.03.2004 Banganga (Indore) 9,5 Ashrama School 16.03.2004 Dharmapuri 12 School 15.03.2004 Saver - Khandelwal Dharmashala 15.03.2004 Tarana 6 School 14.03.2004 Saver 8,6 Khandelwal Dharmashala 13.03.2004 Piplai 8,1 Government School 12.03.2004 Midiya 12,6 Lakshyashila School...
Posted: 28.01.2004
Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji has extended his Ahinsa Yatra for two more years. Ahinsa Yatra started in December 2001 for three years and will be extended until 2006.
Posted: 28.01.2004
According to the announcement of Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji Maryada Mahotsav 2005 will be held at Ladnun, Rajasthan . Acharyashree will spend his chaturmas 2005 in Delhi.
Posted: 27.01.2004 was launched in the presence of his Holiness Acharya Mahaprajna will make hundreds of books available for online reading - started with first books in Hindi.
Posted: 26.01.2004
Maryada Mahotsav is beginning from today until 28th January 2004 at Ahinsa Nagar in Jalgaon. The Ahinsa Yatra Committee has announced Gurudev's possible route from Jalgaon to Indore on January 29th.

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