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Posted: 14.09.2010
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 Do Think: In right direction

- Sadhvi Kanak Shri

North Howrah (Kolkata), 11th September 2010

The Seventh of Paryushan Festival organized by North Howrah Shree Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Sabha at Sanyam Samawsaran SAM GARDEN was celebrated as ‘DHYAN DIWAS’ (MEDITATION DAY).

Sadhvi Kanak Shri ji, a learned disciple of Acharya Shri Mahapragya ji. Addressing thousands of lay followers (Shrawaks and Shrawikas) on the subject ‘Dekhen Apne Aap Ko ‘ - ‘See yourelf’ –‘ Human is full of thoughts, he thinks because he has got the power of thinking. More important is that in which direction he does so. If we do want to concentrate on the right and correct subject matter, then thinking can be spiritual, sacred, virtuous and progressive meditation. If our mind is involved in material things, enjoying and fulfilling our desires then the mind becomes the reason for impurity and declination. We should concentrate on the search of truth, soul and divinity. This is possible only through visiting to ourself (antradarshan). She further said-‘the purpose of meditation is crystallization and sophistication of mind. There is dust which continuously covers the mind due to the four kashays- Anger, pride, deceit and greed. Impure mind always remains narrow and there can be neither knowledge nor peace in that mind. Unsatisfied mind can never get enjoyment.

Addressing thousands of lay followers (Shrawaks and Shrawikas) on the subject Meditation Sadhvi Kanak Shri ji said - “The root cause of all the typical problems in the world is mental instability and anxiety. The only solution to it is Meditation. The practice of Prakash Meditation helps successfully cure physical, mental and emotional problems. This has been practically experienced by us in many Prakash Meditation Camps. Sadhvi Kanak Shri ji added further-“in the world there are techniques, processes and preaching of great persons for leading happy life, best amongst them is meditation.’ Preksha Meditation’- the meditation methodology invented by great spiritual Guru, H.H.Acharya Mahaprajnaji, is a scientific concept. It is a process of seeing oneself, knowing oneself and changing oneself.” Sadhvi sri ji graced the occasion by saying that one must be acquainted with its own soul. This acquaintance is possible only through practice of meditation or dhyana. The element “Truth” in its true meaning can be better understood by one whose heart is pure. One of the most important medium through which “truth” can be known is Meditation. In order to live a stress–free life one should understand the importance of meditation which has become a need of the hour in today’s life of every one irrespective of cast and creed and age

Talking about the secret of long lasting young age of Lord Mahavira, Sadhvi Kanak shri ji enlightened the gathering with her graceful speech. she said that starting from the childhood he was healthy, magnificent and active. His energy and intelligence developed more during childhood. The reason was that he used to live the monk-life even in his house. His moral, determination and firmness of mind (steadiness) were distinguished. His sharp knowledge, his quick capturing power and his self power were amazing. Mahavira had control over passions and senses in his youth. He lived a life of Saint, even staying in Palaces. He rigorously practiced ahimsa (Non-violence), Truth, and Celibacy. As a result he became unending source of vital energy and strength. His high capability of self-control and discipline are the source of inspiration for the youth age. Mahavira’s life teaches the youth to practice continence and self restraint so as to become healthy, strong, glorious, splendid and lustrous.

Sadhvi Madhulata ji enlightened the gathering with her speech on the subject - ‘develop the personality by continence’. She also helped the audience with a short practice of preksha meditation and gave useful tips to release tension. She said –‘it is an exercise of seeing and knowing oneself. It is the scientific process of knowing oneself. It helps in ripening the virtues and developing the powers. The unsteadiness of mind, speech and body fades away. Sadhvi Madhulekha ji, expressed her graceful thoughts on the subject.
The whole of Sanyam Samawsaran at North Howrah became musical with chanting of chorus Song on meditation and the practice of Mahapran Dhwani.

About 50 persons collectively accepted vows to complete continuous fasting ranging from 7 days to 13 days. The number of girls and youngsters among them was remarkable. The Ascetics/Devotees were honoured with literature/literary by the Terapanthi Sabha and Mahila Mandal.

The programme started with the song by the members of Arham Mandal of Terapanth Yuvak Parishad. Sri Vimal Baid, Secretary of North Howrah Sabha informed the lay followers about the about the arrangements being done for Samvatsari on Sunday.

The regular evening Pratikraman was attended by hundreds of lay followers. The Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Kolkata members with great enthusiasm, headed by Sri Bhupendra Kumar Dugar (President) participated in the uninterrupted Namokar Mantra chanting in the night. During the day the mantra chanting was done by members of North Howrah Mahila Mandal members.

In the evening Sadhvi Kanakshriji narrated some heart touching instances on the life of The Terapanth’s queen of Jhansi in the regime of Acharya Jeetmalji, the fourth in Terapanth order.

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