Celebration of Das Lakshan Mahaparva at Jain Sangh of Greater Boston

Posted: 02.10.2010
Updated on: 30.07.2015


Jai Jinendra!

During Jain Center of Greater Boston’s 2010 Das Lakshan celebration, we had the opportunity to learn from Samani Sanmati Pragya ji and Samani Shukla Pragya ji from Jain Vishva Bharti of NJ.

JCGB Sangh was greatly impressed with their knowledge, discourses, and their command on English language. Samani Sanmati Pragya Ji used an unique style of teaching Jain values via example of building our own Jain Home of Veetraag. She kept everyone interested in learning by giving suitable examples and thought-provoking stories. Through her teachings, we learnt how to reduce our Kashays, to select a sat-guru who will keep enlightening us, to be compassionate and soft-hearted, to forgive, and to control our speech, desires and emotions.

We also had great deal of fun learning about how to lead a practical Jain way of life via a skit directed by Samani Shukla Pragya Ji. Many of the sangh members took part in the skit with a lot of enthusiasm. She also taught us a Jain Quawwali on forgiveness, this was performed by many JCGB members during the 10-day celebrations. Samani Shukla Pragya Ji also enlightened us on the importance of practicing the ten virtues of Jain dharma - Das Lakshan dharma - throughout each day of our life.

On Pathshala Puja Day, Samani Jis also inspired young pathshala kids to continue learning Jain religion throughout their life. Many women also took part in learning Yoga and meditation with them.

We had discussions with Shamani Jis on JVB’s Mission/Vision and they told us that JVB's North America main goals is to 1) Teach Prekshya Meditation to Jains and Non-Jains; and 2) Teach Gyan Shala (Pathshala) to kids and adults at their own centers or via visiting several Jain centers in North America.

We were very fortunate to have both Samani Jis at our center this year and we look forward to continue learning from them in the future.

Preeti Jain
Jain Center of Greater Boston (JCGB)

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