Acharanga Bhasyam ► Chapter I — Comprehension And Abandonment Of Weapons Of Injury ► Section — 6 ► Sūtras 121-122 : All Living Beeings Desire Happiness

Posted: 28.10.2010

1.121 ṇijjhāittā paḍilehittā patteyaṃ pariṇivvāṇaṃ.

1.122 savvesiṃ pāṇāṇam savvesiṃ bhūyāṇaṃ savesiṃ jῑvāṇaṃ savessiṃ sattāṇaṃ assāyaṃ apariṇivvāṇaṃ maḥabbhayaṃ dukkhaṃ tti bemi.

(121,122) Deeply reflecting and observing that happiness is dear to all, (and so) to all mobile beings, immobile beings, souls and living substances, unhappiness is unpleasant, dreadful and painful. Thus I say.

Bhāṣsyaṃ Sūtras 121,122

Happiness is bliss. The words pleasure, delight, fearlessness and happiness are mentioned as synonyms in the Cūrṇi (p.36). The happiness is dear to each creature. Deeply reflecting (i.e., properly pondering) and deeply observing (i.e., rightly considering) this, one should desist from violence. On the other hand deeply reflecting (i.e., properly pondering) and deeply observing (i.e., rightly considering) that unhappiness is unpleasant, one should desist from violence.

Unpleasant, unhappiness, dreadful and painful are given as synonyms in the Sūtra itself.

Mobiles: The word prāṇa refers to the aspect of inhaling and exhaling which are evident in mobile beings.

Immobiles: The word bhūta refers to existence through past, present and future, their respiration being not evident.

Souls: Soulhood and life-span characterize the soul (jῑva).

Living substances: The word sattavaḥ stands for existence. Their existence is characterized by their good and bad karma.[1]

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