Acharanga Bhasyam ► Chapter I — Comprehension And Abandonment Of Weapons Of Injury ► Section — 6 ► Sūtras 137-139 : Animation And Experience Of Pain Of Mobile Beings

Posted: 02.11.2010

1.137 se bemi - appege aṃdhamabbhe, appege aṃdhamacche.

Thus I say: somebody pierces and cuts the mobile beings, -some among whom are deficient in other limbs (but have the feeling of intense pain like that of the human beings born blind, deaf, dumb, lame).

1.138 appege pāyamabbhe, appege pāyamacche.

Some people pierce and cut foot, ankle etc. (See sūtra 29 for all the thirty-two limbs).

1.139 appege saṃpamārae, appege uddavae.

Sometimes a person is beaten to a state of unconsciousness and sometimes tortured to death.

Bhāṣsyaṃ Sūtras 137-139

See Sūtras 20-30.

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